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Posted September 30, 2008




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We pick up from this previous story: Avert Your EYEs


Demelza: I still think you shouldn’t have broken up with Smythe, Dorothy – he’s such a gentleman, compared to some of the other boys you’ve dated.



Oona: I agree with Demelza. You made such a cute couple, and he did dote on you.

Dorothy: Eh, maybe he was TOO nice –

Natsumi: If we were talking about someone else, I’d say the girl was crazy, but – that’s just you, Dorothy *shakes head* You seem to have a very different definition of happiness.



Dorothy: So I do.

Demelza: But – I think you do want what all of us want – someone special, that makes you happy when you see them, or even just think of them – like I do with Beckham – and Oona with Paladin, and Natsumi with David –



Dorothy: Well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. I just don’t fit the mold.

Oona: Then I’ll choose to think positive, and say you haven’t found “your” guy yet.

Dorothy: OK, we’ll go with that… and how do you know when you’ve found what they call Mister Right, anyway?

Oona: Well, it’s not science or math, really… it’s not entirely logical.



Natsumi: Yes, I agree – there’s something unquantifiable involved, though it helps to stand back and look at what you have in common, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what are his, and can you work as a team.

Dorothy: You’re so practical – but then it’s easy when you’ve got a boyfriend who looks like he does, ya know. They say looks aren’t everything, but it helps when you’re sittin’ across from them.

Demelza: Oh, Dorothy!

Oona: Haha, yes, it does! We’re all VERY lucky here that way, I admit.



Natsumi: I do beg to differ with you on that, Dorothy. Good looks make it harder, not easier. They can be deceptive, and blind you to even the most glaring faults. As Oona says, though, we are all very lucky here – and so were you, for a while. But, if you’re not ready, you’re not ready. Maybe someone else will make you better appreciate Smythe – or, maybe someone else’ll be a better fit, who knows.



Oona: Natsumi makes a good point; you shouldn’t form a relationship on just looks, even though it’s a factor in attraction –

Demelza: Smythe IS cute, although that eye! *shiver*

Dorothy: Eh, you get used to it.

Natsumi: Considering how much time you spend looking at your phone, texting, I’m surprised you even remember what he looks like!

Dorothy: Ha, ha… very funny.



**Cecily and Tryphena enter**

Cecily: Hello, girls – sorry to interrupt a serious conversation. Demelza, I wanted to be sure you have time to get ready for dinner tonight; we need to leave at 6 to make our reservation.

Demelza: Hi, Mom – yes, I’ll be ready! We’re just having a little, um, girl talk, is all.

Oona: Hi, Mrs. Pargiter, and Ms. Strudwick – I think we’re almost done, so we’ll be leaving soon.

Natsumi: Nice to see you, Mrs. Pargiter and Ms. Strudwick– we need to get home, too.

Dorothy: Yeah… same here, Mrs. P… Ms. S.



Dorothy: So long, Mrs. P, Ms. S. See ya tomorrow, Dem.

Natsumi: Good-bye, Mrs. Pargiter – have a nice dinner, and congratulations. Good-bye, Ms. Strudwick.

Oona: Yes, congrats, Mrs. Partgiter – have a nice time – and of course you’ll tell us all about it tomorrow, Demelza – bye-bye! Bye, Ms. Strudwick.

Cecily: Bye, girls – thank you for the well-wishes; you’re a sweet bunch.

Demelza: Oh yes – I’ll tell you all about it – bye, everyone!

Tryphena: Bye, girls.



Demelza: Oh, mom! I’m so excited – I’ll wear my new skirt!

Cecily: Of course, sweetheart – you’ll be lovely as always. Tryphena and I will let you have your privacy, then.



Cecily: Aren’t Demelza’s friends a sweet bunch of girls… Ah, to be their age again! *laughs*

Tryphena: Yes… and with their idealism regarding relationships. *smirk*



Cecily: We were much the same, weren’t we? Even if we had known then what we know now, I wonder how much different things would’ve turned out. Knowing and doing often operate at a disconnect.

Tryphena: Ohhh, I’d like another stab at it – I think I’d change some things, all right!

Cecily: I like to think I don’t have many regrets; it could’ve been worse, but I managed. I’m in a comfortable spot right now, considering the economy, and my children and I have a good relationship. Still…

Tryphena: Uh-huh. We’re not dead yet!

Cecily: Exactly!



Tryphena: Say… I’d better get going, too. Tend to the homefires, and all that. Have a nice dinner, and congratulations – you earned that.

Cecily: Thanks, hon. We need a girls’ night out ourselves, don’t we? Let’s plan for that next week.

Tryphena: You bet – I could use one, at least! Well, see you soon.

Cecily: Bye, hon – you take care.



Corbin: Mommy, mommy! You’re home, you’re home!

Tryphena: That’s right, little man – momma’s home – at last.



Corbin: Cor’zon’s making dinner – don’t it smell GOOD?

Tryphena: Yes… it does. Momma’s hungrier than she thought.



Corbin: I’m GLAD you’re home for dinner, mommy. An’ you can read me a story tonight, too!

Tryphena: Sure, my little man… would you like something new, or your favorite?

Corbin: BOTH, mommy!

Tryphena: Why not *chuckle*…



Tryphena: *to self* I wouldn’t mind something new, too…



Indeed… what could that be?


Meantime, something – er, someONE new, appeared in the House of Beamlette


Lost And Found



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