Avert Your EYEs

 Posted September 10, 2008




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Follow these 4 links for a refresher course on the Dorothy and Smythe relationship:

More to this than meets the EYE

The EYE has it...

EYE on the prize...




Smythe: It’s a new school year, and I look forward to it – you can imagine why, I’m sure *smile*.

Dorothy: M-hm… **texting away**



Smythe: And how is Demelza? *chuckle* (**knows full well she’s on the other end of the text message**)

Dorothy: She’s… **text-text** …okay…



Smythe: I trust your dinner was satisfactory --- since you sent Demelza a photo of your plate. Presentation is but half the dish, though it does start there.

Dorothy: M-hm… looked good, tasted good. I got my fill… **text**



Smythe: In the end, it’s not the food I come for, but the company – who is a pretty picture herself –

Dorothy: Uh-huh… **text-text** Never know who you’re gonna see when you go out… so I don’t forget the lip gloss… **text**



Smythe: To me, you’re always beautiful, gloss or no…

Dorothy: Even when my lips are chapped?

Smythe: *laughs* But they never are! I know that very well.

Dorothy: Yeah… you get your share. Yours are pretty smooth, too – like your style.



Smythe: I treasure compliments from M’lady *wink*

Dorothy: Too bad… ‘cause I think I’ve run out of them.

Smythe: Oh? How so?

Dorothy: I think it’s time to break up.



Smythe: ************



Dorothy: I thought that might shut you up a bit. Not that I’m trying to hurt you. It’s just that I’m not into long-term set-ups, like Demelza. Rip the Band-aid off and move on, is my motto.



Smythe: Ah… you have always been a straight-arrow with me; I cannot fault that. I am sorry that you must move on, though; I shall miss our association.

Dorothy: You’re takin’ this pretty well, I’ll say that for you. Besides, I think you were always carryin’ a torch for that other gal you were on the rebound from.

Smythe: Astute observation, though I dislike to seem as if I’d had no interest in you for yourself. I do feel it all happened for a reason, not the least of which is the pleasant memories of you and me together. It helped me to know that all- and any- thing is possible.



Dorothy: Heh, you are a Sunny Jim! Dunno if I’ll miss that – well, maybe sometimes. I’m always seein’ the fuzzy end of the lollypop, know what I mean?

Smythe: You are a realist, is all; a counterbalance to rosy-lensed optimists like myself. At any rate, it is gratifying that we part amicably, and exchange civilities in future when our paths cross. Why should we be the ones to provide drama for our classmates, hm?

Dorothy: Hey, I like drama; what else would I text about? But not so much about me, though! Yer right, leave the drama to the other amateurs; it’s much more interesting *snerk*.

Smythe: That’s the spirit!



**cell phone rings**

Dorothy: HA! See what you’ve done – distracted me from texting, and now Demelza’s so worried, she CALLED!

Smythe: We can’t have that – reply to her posthaste!

Dorothy: Ahhh, she can wait – home, Jeeves!



You know it couldn’t last; Dorothy is a fickle pickle. Poor Smythe.


We return to Elfride’s situation, now that she has gotten past the gatekeeper!


Once in the door, we learn more of Elfride



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