Posted January 31, 2008




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Dorothy: Well, here we are again – it’s getting to be a habit or something, hm?

Smythe: It ranks among my better ones, I daresay *smile*.



Smythe: And here is our accustomed seating – shall we?

Dorothy: Why not? Take a load off *smirk*.



Smythe: I see how you are adroit with that mobile. Texting, are you?

Dorothy: M-hm. Like a reflex. **thumbs tapping**



Smythe: Your ability to think concisely must be most useful for this. Say, I believe you could teach me to speak without the frills and embellishments I overuse – would you be willing?

Dorothy: Huh… sure, let’s give it a try –



Smythe: Let us start with an observation about the weather – although the frosty season envelopes us, we are blessed with an extraordinarily temperate midday –

Dorothy: For winter, it’s not bad.



Smythe: And see the mockingbird atop that leafless tree – he warbles with gusto!

Dorothy: Lookit that crazy bird sing even when it’s cold!



Smythe: I do believe that prognosticating groundhog will once again correctly predict the continuation of winter, don’t you agree?

Dorothy: The rodent’ll say it’s still winter, no sh*t, Sherlock!



Smythe: Yet, I anticipate a glorious Spring; Mother Nature never fails to burst forth with leaf and blossom!

Dorothy: Yup, there’ll be new leaves and flowers, yadayadayada




Smythe: *****************!



Smythe: ********************…

Dorothy: Hey… anyone in  there? **waves hand**



Smythe: My apologies, Dorothy, I didn’t mean to alarm you… it – it’s just that I was surprised –

Dorothy: Sorry I scared ya – I just had to shut you up, is all…

Smythe: Oh, no, I understand – I do get carried away with the verbiage, I’m well aware… but it wasn’t an unpleasant method, not at all –

Dorothy: Sure… that’s what they usually tell me **tiny smile**.



Smythe: Let’s not have any awkwardness between us, please – I should like to continue seeing you. We needn’t be in any haste; let us proceed in a leisurely manner, and enjoy one another’s company. I do delight in yours, and would hope the feeling is mutual, or may be –

Dorothy: Hmmm, no big hairy hurry, huh… that’s something different…



Dorothy: Yeah, sure, I’m for it – why not, could be fun.

Smythe: Agreed – fun it shall be *smile*.



Dorothy: Don’t count on me plantin’ one on you EVERYTIME you talk too fancy, though–

Smythe: Oh? Well, then, might it work the other way, as a reward system for accomplishment?

Dorothy: Could be, could be – either way, just be sure to invest in a case of chapstick, hon.

Smythe: Haha – I DO like the sound of that!



To use a line from an old movie, “…I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” At least they LOOK good together.


Kenzo continues the cosplay fun with Kaida, this time with the 60s –


 Kenzo takes us back in time to that era known as – The Swingin’ 60s!



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