EYE on the prize...

Posted January 28, 2008




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Chance: Uh-oh, I think I hear something going on between Maeby and Ulf – I’d better go check. Be back in a bit to finish studying.

Smythe: Of course. Let me know if you need assistance with Ulf!

Chance: Sure thing. **exits**






Oona: Hi, Smythe – I’d like to have a little word with you, if it isn’t too much bother.

Smythe: Hullo, Oona – why, no, not at all; I should be interested to hear what you have to say.



Smythe: Here, I shall move these books out of the way for you –

Oona: How thoughtful; thank you, Smythe



Oona: As you may know, I’m friends with Dorothy, who came home with you yesterday –

Smythe: Why yes, she mentioned that. Capital girl; she has quite the sense of humor, I thought.



Oona: Yes… you could say that. She is a cute girl, and she dates a lot. Boys are always asking her out, and she even asks some out herself. But… she gets bored with them so quickly, never stays with anyone for long. She does have a, um, prickly  personality, is one way of putting it –



Smythe: Oh – I prefer to call it “spirited” – she doesn’t beat about the shrubbery, is all!



Oona: *giggling* That’s a VERY nice way of putting it!

Smythe: Perhaps other men would take offense, but I found it refreshing. One knew just where one stood.

Oona: Then you may also find it interesting that I think she likes you – even if it wasn’t said in so many words!



Smythe: Hmmmm… you don’t say…?

Oona: She and I talked afterwards, and she mentioned you several times, in a favorable way, which I think is a very good sign of interest. I thought I would tell you this because I know you’re getting over a little romantic difficulty, and maybe this would help you to move on. I feel bad about Rachel – she’s a pretty and smart girl, and I thought you looked nice together -- but long-distance romances aren’t for everyone. Fenchurch, and Chance, make it work somehow, but it’s not easy. I’m always glad Paladin and I don’t have to go through that.



Smythe: Well, Oona, it was kind of you to tell me this – most certainly food for thought, as the old expression goes. We shall see what happens from here, won’t we?

Oona: Yes, we shall. Dorothy is my friend, and I’d like for her to be happy – in her own way, of course.

Smythe: Certainly – her happiness is first and foremost.

Oona: I thought you would see it that way. Thanks for your time – I’ll let you get back to your reading. **exits**



Oona: *to self* I thought it only fair to give him a little heads-up…!



Oona loves to grease the skids. And it’s all downhill from here – in a good way, of course…





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