The EYE has it...

Posted January 25, 2008




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Fenchurch: Let’s make some hot chocolate when we get home – how does that sound?

Winslow: Yeah, Fen, I could go for some.

Chance: That sounds good, Fenchurch. Hey, Smythe, you coming with us?

Smythe: Ah, you three go ahead; I shall be along in a bit, when I’ve got my fill of fresh air.

Chance: Okay then; see you back at the house – g’bye.

**they exit**



**hums absently to self**



Dorothy: So – when did your friends take off?

Smythe: Oh – hello again – Dorothy, was it? They went home a little while ago; I preferred to take a little more air before joining them –

Dorothy: There’s enough of it – if you can stand the cold.



Smythe: You are welcome to sit with me, if you like – and my name is Smythe.

Dorothy: So I’ve heard. Sure, I’ll join you – nothing urgent to do right now. I have a question for you, anyway.

Smythe: I shall attempt to satisfy your curiosity, then, if it is within my scope.



Dorothy: It’s your EYE – what’s with that, anyway? Couldn’t you get it fixed or something? Or is it part of some malpractice suit?

Smythe: Haha! You aim for the heart of the matter, don’t you? ‘Twas my own fault, a cosplay accident – and I chose to have nothing done for it; partly for future cosplay effect, and partly to remind me of my foolishness. *smile*



Dorothy: You sure took that in good humor – both the accident, and my question. I know I’m blunt and come off rude; that’s just who I am.

Smythe: And I know some curiosity comes with leaving my face like this – you must admit it is a conversation starter, though. Once past it, anything else is easy. Certain of your directness is admirable; I myself am endeavoring to be more direct in thought and speech.



Dorothy: Is that so? We could take a few pointers from each other, then, it sounds like. Why d’you need to be more direct, anyway?



Smythe: Ah, well – my lifelong love of convolution and complication cost me a budding friendship… one that I would not have lost for the world. Although I cannot restore it, I can learn from the unhappy situation, and change my ways… as a tribute to what could have been.



Dorothy: I admit I’m mean. Heart of stone. But -- that was – really kinda sweet. You meant it, too…

Smythe: See – any of us may change, given the proper motivation. By the by, my friends went home to make hot chocolate – you are welcome to come with me. You deserve something to warm you after I kept you out here in the cold.



Dorothy: Sure, why not? I think I know where you live – with my friend Oona Murakami, isn’t it? I need to ask her something, so I’ll kill two birds with one stone. See, I told you I was mean, using expressions that have killing birds in them. *laughs*

Smythe: You are correct, I do live in the same household as Oona. As for the birds, they are purely imaginary, so I won’t hold that against you!



Dorothy: Awfully generous of you, guv’nor. And there I go making fun of your accent, too!

Smythe: I’m quite used to that – though there are some felonious abuses of the Queen’s English out there. Yours is but a minor infraction, so I shall forgive you. *grin*



Dorothy: I still think you’ve got a long way to go in the direct speaking department, though. Keep working on it.

Smythe: Do I? And here I thought I was approaching your level!

Dorothy: It’s a long plummet – you better get a parachute. And ditch the thesaurus, while you’re at it.

Smythe: *laughing* Look out belowwwwww!



I love how Smythe smoothed her over; he hasn’t lost his touch, after all. Indeed, Oona has proof of that, in –


EYE on the prize…



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