More to this than meets the EYE

Posted January 24, 2008




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Author’s note: Here I’m picking up from an old group of stories concerning Demelza and Beckham. Revisit the lead-in stories at these sequential links:


Love - er - study in the afternoon

 Neville and Beckham take stock of the alternatives

 Rumor has it...

 Beckham in the library

 Beckham in the lioness' den



Demelza: Oh, Dorothy – I see Fenchurch over there! I need to speak to her; let’s go over, it’ll take just a minute –

Dorothy: *sigh* All right… what a bunch of losers.



Demelza: Fenchurch, I’ve been meaning to tell you something; I’m so glad I saw you here!

Fenchurch: Hey there, Demelza – gosh, what could that  be?

Dorothy: *under breath* Yes… what’s  so special we had to go out of our way to see them… *mutter*.



Demelza: The advice you gave Beckham a little while back – I can’t tell you how much that helped us! It’s made a big difference – we don’t act at cross-purposes as much as we used to –



Fenchurch: That’s great! It’s not always easy, but you have to communicate to each other what you want and expect, and figure out solutions. I know that sounds oversimplified, but if you care enough, you can do it *smile*.



Demelza: I -- I know people were saying such  things about seeing you and him together – I’m sorry about that. I – I didn’t want you to think I held any sort of grudge because of it –



Fenchurch: That kind of thing doesn’t bother me; I know I didn’t do anything wrong. People will talk if they want to about anything. What counts is that you and Beckham are happy, so please don’t worry.

Demelza: You are SO sweet, Fenchurch -- I’m glad WE understand each other – thanks so much. Well, Dorothy and I must get going – good-bye!

Dorothy: Uh-huh – gotta go…

Fenchurch: You’re very welcome – ‘bye now.



Demelza: I feel so much better now, telling Fenchurch that; I’ve been meaning to do that for ages. She’s so nice, don’t you think?

Dorothy: *distractedly* M-hm… what a bunch. What’s with that boy with ONE eye, anyway…?



Demelza: Oh – I think his name is Smythe, but I don’t know much about him otherwise. I try not to look at his face, if I can help it, it looks painful… *shudder*.

Dorothy: It’s right out there in public, ridiculously hard NOT to see!



Dorothy: **to self** How DARE he go around like that in this day and age! Hmph!



And a big thank-you to Jay Searle for Demelza’s lovely new face-up!



Dorothy sure can get a burr under her saddle, can’t she? She won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of things, either, in –


The EYE has it…



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