Sir Integra (Fenchurch) appears to be waiting…

Posted January 21, 2008




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Author’s note: Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing is Fenchurch’s cosplay persona, from the anime series, “Hellsing.” After an unintentionally prolonged hiatus, we pick up again on this storyline. Take these links to the prior stories for a refresher course:


Story One          Story Two







Varius: You were expecting us! **soft chuckle**

Sir Integra: Yes – I won’t be coy – I was. Pray be seated.



Varius: Come, Integra, you needn’t be so – formal  with us. We come with the friendliest intentions –

Arsinoe: You may speak for yourself, my love. Although I bear no ill will, I am as reserved as our hostess here. After all, she is an avowed vampire hunter.



Sir Integra: That is so. I carry on my family’s business, one that spans nearly two centuries –

Arsinoe: A MERE two centuries! *laughs*  We have seen quite a few more than THAT, haven’t we, my love?

Varius: Yes, we have… seventeen, to be precise. We lived as mortals in the time of the Emperor Constantine, and the fading Roman empire



Sir Integra: Continue. That is why I – invited  you here – to know your story.

Varius: And I am more than happy to tell you, dear girl. I want you to know me – and my lovely Arsinoe -- *looks over at her with an indulgent smile* -- as more than bloodsuckers in the night.

Arsinoe: We are witnesses of history. Mortals came and went. *offhand gesture*



Varius: Yes… few are so fortunate to see the evolution – and sometimes de-volution of certain things… You know when we became vampires, Christianity was on the ascendant as the old empire crumbled and split. Constantine hedged his bets with a deathbed baptism. And yet – from what I could tell, there really wasn’t that much difference between the so-called pagan gods and the new god and his adjuncts – merely a change of names, a merging and compression, but the functions remained much the same. Fathers, sons, mothers… saints to stand in for the assorted lesser deities in charge of mundane matters… someone to appeal to on a personal level.

Sir Integra: Truly a world-weary and cynical view – what comes of a lengthy existence.

Varius: You make it sound like a bad  thing, Integra. Merely a pragmatic outlook -- and yet, I still seek for an ideal, and am enamored of those who hold lofty goals – like you, dear girl. Your firm resolve, your dedication to the expunging of my kind from this world.



Sir Integra: Your “kind” pose a threat to human kind, when left unchecked. It is my duty to continue my family’s work.

Arsinoe: Did you never think that we may be performing a valuable service, keeping your numbers in check? *glare*

Sir Integra: *glares back*



Varius: Come, come – perhaps it is best that BOTH sides are kept in check – hence our little pas de deux. We both have something to contribute. I do not think one will prevail over the other – and it would be dull if that were to happen.

Sir Integra: Would that all your kind felt so benevolently of us humans. Who is the idealist, then, among us? *arches eyebrow*

Varius: Touche, dear girl.



Arsinoe: It grows late, Varius, and I am not the less hungry. Enough of this fanciful talk; we need to hunt.



Varius: This is why I need Arsinoe, even after all these years – she keeps me grounded, to use a modern expression. Very well, we shall take our leave of you, Sir Integra. ‘Twas most enjoyable, this little tete-a-tete -- I hope we may enjoy many more –

Sir Integra: That indeed remains to be seen.

Varius: You needn’t be so formal. And who knows, this relationship may prove more mutually beneficial than any of us may possibly guess.



Sir Integra: You presume my receptiveness, cunning creature.

Varius: Adieu, then, my iron maiden – we take your leave. **vampires exit**



**long pause**

Sir Integra: *to self* Damn his charm!



Will Sir Integra resist, or will Varius ever have his way with her? Not that he is ever in a hurry. And Arsinoe enjoys modeling her emsemble for the audience, too:





Arsinoe (Domuya Azziza) would like to model… >>>

Posted January 21, 2008



…Her lovely outfit from Charie Wilson  (cyw159 on ebay) --

Full-length front view…



…and back…



without the matching coat.

 Just what the successful female vampire needs for a night on the town.



It seemed fair to give Arsinoe a little turn in the spotlight. She’s not without her charms; just ask Varius and myriad other victims over the millennia…


Returning to another old thread, Demelza has something to say to Fenchurch –


More to this than meets the EYE



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