Tis November, and where is Varius the vampire?

Posted  November 20, 2006




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When last we left Sir Integra Wingates-Hellsing (Fenchurch's cosplay persona), she had tucked away a letter from Varius, who promised to return come this month.


We find Integra re-reading the letter, doubtless wondering if or when he will make an appearance...



Varius: Ah, my sentimental lamb, I see you kept my letter!
Integra: Varius! I should've known you'd enter all creepsy-tricksy



Varius: You wound me, my solemn angel, referring to me as some common trickster sneaking about in the shadows.



Varius: At any rate, I see you still have my letter, and take guilty pleasure in re-reading it -- !
Integra: It gives me NO pleasure, I assure you. I only read it for clues as to your motives and schemes.



Varius: My dear Integra, such sorry little lies fall from those pretty lips. You were worried, weren't you, that I might not return -- ever --
Integra: It's of no consequence to me if you NEVER return, you vain peacock of death!



Varius: Peacock -- yes, that describes me, but only one aspect, my brave lovely girl. I do possess some depth, and would gladly show it to you -- most gladly...



Arsinoe: So I find you here, Varius, communing with your most recent mortal darling, while I, your original and faithful companion, am left to wander the world alone. Fickle creature!
Varius: You exaggerate as always, my sweet mistress. Besides, you've not been without your own human toys over the many, long years -- which I've never begrudged you.



Varius: This, dear Arsinoe, is Sir Integra Wingates-Hellsing, whose sole mission in life is to hunt down blood-drinking night creatures such as we. My purpose here is to persuade her that not all of us deserve to perish.
Arsinoe: I see -- and is she persuaded yet, my handsome one?



Integra: It's time for some very different persuasion! Leave, or I'll make quite the painful impression on your vile bodies!
Varius: Oh yes, there's that gun of yours -- I did wonder when it would make its appearance.

Arsinoe: Hospitality is not her long suit, I see.



Integra: Go -- NOW -- if you don't wish to be fenestrated and perforated.
Varius: Very well -- Arsinoe and I shall depart. A pity we could not have a more amiable colloquy–

Arsinoe: Oh, such a pity, I'm sure.



Varius: But don't think I can stay away for long -- your charms beckon... as do mine, dear girl... **departs**



Integra: **to self** time... I won't -- I mustn't -- hesitate...



 One theme in November was the evolution of some of dolls’ characters, and I submitted this piece about Chance, my first BJD. Like with a first child, it was a learning experience figuring out how to play with a BJD.


The evolution of Chance, my first BJD



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