The evolution of Chance, my first BJD

Posted  November 21, 2006




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He started out as Isao Nanjou, but then I didn't like his default wig, so first he tried this other Volks wig...



Oona was supposed to be his girlfriend in the early days, but somehow it didn't work out. I think it was the wig.



I'm liking him a little better in this two-tone wig...



For a while this shorter gray wig was my favorite.



Then I tried the wig that eventually became Shulamith's classic short 'do -- but it just didn't feel right.

FINALLY I found his look -- the look that won him Wynnefred.





*sigh* Chance, I would have fallen for you, no matter what!!

 *waves at her sweetie*...>>>

Posted by Wynnefred on November 21, 2006


It's what's inside you that matters!!








**blush** I feel exactly the same about YOU, too, Wynnefred >>>

Posted by Chance on November 22, 2006


...EXACTLY the same...


Your Chance



Thanksgiving, as only my resin family can celebrate it:


Lettuce B Thankful



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