Lettuce B Thankful

Posted  November 23, 2006




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Waramon: Ms. Beamlette got us this nice roast bird for Thanksgiving – however she neglected to provide additional dishes or utensils – I think she’s been in Vegas too long and mistook this for that Arthurian legend show at the Excalibur, perhaps?...



Young Chance: Well, it’s no picnic over here at the kids’ table, either! All we got was this stinkin’ WING!



Buddha Girl: Eh, Ms. Beamlette at least got CHICKEN! I not know why she didn’ ask me to cook more tings!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, you cook good.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, yes, Buddha Girl can make mu shu, dim sum… kimchee if you want it too… ooooh



Chance: I’m thankful for my Wynnefred… just wish she could’ve been here…

Tabitha: I wish she were here, TOO – then you wouldn’t be on my case all the time!

Malfoy: ***uh-huh***…



Easton: You bet I’ve got plenty to be thankful for this year -- *smirk*.

Gobnait: Ah-ah, Boudicca dear – I want THAT hand, too!

Boudicca: Oh do go away, you little truffle pig *sniff*.



Winslow: Um, did Ms. Beamlette *really* mean that funny little bird for ALL of us?

Fenchurch: Gosh – I think she forgets just how *many* there are of us.

Kenzo: Too bad I couldn’t go visit Kaida SOONER.



David: I’m thankful I came to Vegas and got to meet *you*, Natsumi

Natsumi: **blush** I agree… sooo thankful…



Paladin: Why do I get the feeling this is Hibou’s first Thanksgiving?

Hibou: **staring intently** hooooo-why-Ms.-Beamlette-spoil-bird-nice-with-cooking-silly?-hoooooo…

Oona: No one else LIKES raw birds, sweetie!



Allegra: **to self** Maybe by NEXT Thanksgiving, I’ll have someone really special to be thankful for…

Tarquin: Hey, little sis, maybe you can be friends with my new squeeze here – how about it, Shu baby?

Shulamith: I’m not looking for friends, Big Guy… just a good time, and so far this isn’t it.



Tancredi: I would pro-pose a toast, but Mees Beamlette she for-get ze glasses an’ ze vins to go weez them.

Waramon: We still should say a prayer before dining –

Persephone:I think this meal is beyond the help of prayer, dear brother –



**Puff leaps on table**

Tancredi: Oh, regarde – ma sweet old chat ‘e weeshes to join our feast!

Puff: rrrrrrooowwwwwwr… *coff*

Waramon: Oh my, do you think he should’ve been invited -- ?

Persephone: Myabe a good stiff prayer will knock him off the table!



Buddha Girl: Eh, you carcass cat, no bird for YOU! Dis is OURS! You just try get some!!!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we kick you bony butt.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, we’ll HAVE to do that… or else… ooooh

Puff: rrrrrrooowwwwwrrrrrrr… *coffcoff*



Buddha Girl: HEY!!! Dis crazy cat he try EAT me! What dis stoopid ting tinking?

Angry Sparrow: Give back my sister, ugly cat.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh dear, he couldn’t have mistaken her for the chicken, could he?... ooooh

Puff: rrrowwr *burp*.



Buddha Girl: Eh, Tan Man – do SOMETHIN’ to you ugly cat!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, it you cat.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, he’s not listening to us… ooooh

Tancredi: Now, now, lee-tle soeurs, you are SPARROWS after all, wheech ees bir-dees, an’ Puff ‘e does hunt… Puff, ma petit chou, ree-gur-gi-tate ze lee-tle bir-dee jeune fille, s’vous plait…



 November closed with an elaborate Fenchurch story that introduced Fabien, my devil-girl HD Marin:


Something’s missing



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