Something’s missing (Part 1 of 2)

Posted  November 30, 2006




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For some reason, Fenchurch slept in this morning. Usually she's up 'n' at 'em.



Slowly she awakens...



Fenchurch: ...ummmm **little stretch** ...past 9:30... man... I overslept...



Fenchurch: ...there's something strange going on...



Fenchurch: ...and I can't quite figure it out... like... something's missing...




Fenchurch seems to be deep in thought...



Winslow: Hey, Fen, you okay? You sure slept late -- and now you're just sitting there, staring into space.
Fenchurch: I wish I knew what's going on -- it's SO strange –



Winslow: Well, describe it, if you can --
Fenchurch: I don't really feel bad or sick or anything like that. But it's -- it's like something's missing -- but I don't know exactly what! Just that it seems to have been something inside me.



Winslow: Gosh, Fen, that IS weird -- I dunno what to say about that. Something INSIDE you? Sure couldn't be your appendix, huh! *chuckle*



Fenchurch: Maybe it's something I didn't need anyway -- but I'd like to know just what it was.
Winslow: Who knows -- heh, maybe it's miles away by now!



Fabien: **low husky voice** No such luck, boy -- **laughs**





Do I have to say I'm a little worried?...>>>

Posted by Kazuhiro on November 30, 2006


Kaoru: Hiro, what was THAT all about? Isn't that your girlfriend?



Hiro: Kayo, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried...



Hiro: But I swear, their house must be built on a temporal or spatial anomaly or something. I'm the last person you should ask! I never know WHAT's going on over there! Usually I just hope it'll work itself out...
Kaoru: Sounds like the fun never ends around here!





Something WAS missing... (Part 2 of 2) >>>

Posted on November 30, 2006


Fabien: Look no further, Blondie -- what was "lost," is FOUND!

Winslow: Whoa! Who let YOU in?

Fenchurch: Yes -- WHO are you?



Fabien: So you don't recognize me, eh -- and I've been with you since the beginning –

Winslow: Ehhh, Fen -- in a weird way she kinda looks like you –

Fenchurch: Gosh, Win -- she -- she does



Fabien: Blondie girl, I'm the physical manifestation of a TINY dark part of your soul -- something you didn't even know you had.
Winslow: Neither did anyone else -- !
Fenchurch: But -- HOW -- and WHY?



Fabien: Hon, it was a tight fit in there, believe me -- I HAD to get out. I got tired of being just a spectator in your life –



Fabien: And such a sweet little life it is, Blondie girl -- with that angel-face, and all your little friends and family... and that tasty boyfriend of yours --
Fenchurch: You –



Winslow: Hey, watch where you're going with that --
Fabien: -- but you're such a little goody-goody. I'd've jumped his fine bones a LONG time ago. Though I'd've snapped him like a twig, unfortunately –




**little gasps from Fabien and Winslow**

Fenchurch: How DARE you say such TRASH!!!



Winslow: Fen, don't let her get to you –

Fenchurch: She had NO business saying that -- !

Fabien: Heh -- I should know better -- you're not all sweetness and light –



Fabien: Don't forget, I know you -- I know you inside and out -- so don't YOU get all high and mighty with ME –



Easton: Well, well, some new talent here -- have you been keeping her a secret, then?
Fenchurch: Oh, YOU. Your fabulous timing shows itself, as usual –

Winslow: Oh YEAH –

Fabien: Hmmmmm...



Easton: I like your style -- you really stand out from the crowd here -- what say we go get better-acquainted?

Fabien: Sure thing -- I can use a change of scene about now.

Winslow: **low voice** So could we!

Fenchurch: Uh-HUH.



Easton: Y'know, hon, it's a funny thing -- there's something about you I can't figure out...

Fabien: Well, we'll just work on that, haha...

Winslow: Wonder when he'll figure it out.

Fenchurch: Who knows... **frown**



Winslow: It IS a funny thing, though -- I can't help thinking they REALLY deserve each other **shakes head**
Fenchurch: Huh -- Win, I think you're right... **little snicker**



Easton: Mmm, hon, where you been all my life?

Fabien: Wouldn't *you* like to know...



Fabien: I've been here all along, smart boy... all along...





Fenchurch, I don't want ANYONE jumping my bones...>>>

Posted by Kazuhiro on November 30, 2006


Except YOU. And ALL of you, not just PART of you.


Everyone has a little bit of a dark side. You and I are no exception. It makes us what we are... but ONLY when it's in combination with the rest of ourselves. I just hope you're still YOU, and not split up into pieces...


As always,

Your Hiro

(ALL of him)



Many thanks to Galatia9 for sharing her photo stories with Hiro’s comments!


Let us see how Easton fared with the lovely (NOT!) Fabien…


Easton passes the torch – sort of…



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