Tancredi takes off – for parts known…

Posted  November 19, 2006




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Tancredi: 'ow does zat chanson go -- "On ze ROAD agaiiin..." Ah, eet ees une belle jour avec ze wind een ma cheveux...



Tancredi: An' somehow or o-zere I shall find ma belle E'Clair's domicile. I know she ees een need of moi, an' ze Bee Eff 'e cannot to keep me away. Oh, to find zees Or-ee-gon...



Buddha Girl: Eh, Tan Man, we help you find Oregon!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we goin' dere, too.
Tragic plum: Oooh, yes... that's where we want to go, too... oooh...
Tancredi: Why, ze lee-tle birds zey 'ave stowed a-way. May-bee eet ees good zat I am not alone...



Buddha Girl: We come wit' you because our cousin Yong in Oregon, too. Figure dis good chance to go see her. We help you get dere!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, you need help.
Tragic Plum: Oh yes, we can read maps, really we can... ooooh...
Tancredi: Zo zees car DOES come avec Onstar! Al'zo I theenk eet ees ze *cheeeep* kind **French chuckle**.



Buddha Girl: You lucky we ignore dat comment 'cause we wanna see Yong so bad. Okay, positions, sisters! I watch road, tell you when to turn.

Angry Sparrow: I tell when you not go fast enough.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh... I'll tell you when it's *too* fast... ooooh...



Buddha Girl: Okay, you turn here -- noooo -- turn HERE -- you dumbass -- I say TURN! What you not unnerstan' about dat?
Tancredi: But you geeve no direc-tion, lee-tle bird. 'Ow am I to know WHEECH way -- ?



Buddha Girl: I said, TURN! Dere! DAT way!
**police siren wailing**
Tancredi: Hmmmmm, what ees zat noise coming from be-hind nous?



Tancredi: Ah, eet ees a gendarme. May-bee 'e can 'elp us weez our direc-tions?



Tancredi: Quelle domage, offi-cer... ma license to drive, eet ees een ma o-zhere pantalons... back een France...


Twenty-four hours later –


Waramon: Well, at least Ms. Beamlette bailed you out and brought you back home, and BF Carl didn't press charges. That was *quite* the adventure you had.
Tancredi: *le sigh* I deed not get to Or-e-gon an' to ma belle E'Clair... so ma lee-tle jour-nee was een vain...



Waramon: I understand you spent a little time in jail before they came to get you --
Tancredi: Oui -- zey take ma peec-ture and zhen put me een a beeg cell weez all manner of strange hommes. I am still try-eeng to under-stand what zees ex-pression "prom date" mean zat zey bandy around –



Waramon: Brother dear -- you don't know -- ?
Tancredi: All I know ees zat a date ees tryst avec sweet 'eart, but eet ees ze word "prom" zat ee-ludes moi.
Waramon: He meant he wanted YOU for his prison lover, is what he meant... was he good-looking?



Tancredi: Zut alors! You Een-gleeshes an' your buggery!

Waramon: I thought it was a *perfectly* reasonable question...



It’s doubtful he learned any lessons from this escapade, but it was fun…


At last an introduction for my Volks FCS F-31 boy, the vampire Varius, and his old squeeze Arsinoe (Domuya Azziza), as we pick up the story from August 30 with Fenchurch in her Sir Integra cosplay persona:


Tis November, and where is Varius the vampire?



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