Sir Integra (Fenchurch) reads a letter

Posted August 30, 2006




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(Fenchurch portrays Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing from the "Hellsing" anime series.)


A letter has arrived, and Sir Integra, alone in her study, reads the communication from Varius, an ancient and cheerfully cynical vampire...


"My DEAR Integra, I know how you miss me -- "



Integra: **to herself** Grrrr, you WISH, you sardonic bastard!

Varius: **in letter** "-- NOT! Haha, you are so serious, my dear."



**the letter continues** "At any rate, I want you to know I will be returning to your loving arms (when you aren't holding that gun) in November, as soon as I finish business here. Do not pine for me, my love; the time will pass quickly, as it does for all mortals like your lovely self. Me, I drift in a wide sea of the millenia, with the beacon of you filling me with some small bright hope. My god, but that *was* quite the sentimental gush -- see what you do to me, lovely girl? What powers you have, to make an old cynic like me spout such twaddle. "Until then, I remain yours --  VARIUS"



Integra: AAAAARRRGH! **casts letter on floor**



After a pause, she picks up the letter...



...and carefully refolding it, tucks it in her jacket pocket.



Settling back into her chair, she gazes off into the distance, stroking the fabric of her pocket...



Kenzo, the polite and thoughtful boy that he is, inquired of Kaida as to the sartorial style of their next date:


Kaida, should our next date be



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