Rumor has it…

Posted March 1, 2007




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Fenchurch: **leaving** Bye, Beckham. Nice having you as a lab partner today.

Beckham: Yeah, sure, Fenchurch. See ya around.

Neville: **approaching** Uh-huh. I saw you.



Beckham: And – what’d you see?

Neville: You know –

Beckham: No, what do I know?



Neville: You were getting pretty chummy with Fenchurch during lab. *smirk*

Beckham: Whaddya mean? I was just talking, being polite. Passing the time. We got put together as lab partners today, since Dem’s out sick.

Neville: Yeah, wasn’t that convenient.



Beckham: Hey, I had nothing  to do with that. Teacher made that call.

Neville: See if Dem believes that. Not that I need to tell her. She knows by now, I’m sure Dorothy sent her a text message while we were in class. *smirk again*

Beckham: Sh*t. I told you she’s mouthy.



Neville: Well, it was hard to miss. You two over there, laughing together –

Beckham: All I did was tell some dumb joke. She laughed, I laughed.

Neville: I’m just telling you what other people saw –



Beckham: Aw, screw what other people saw, or what they think. If they’d just mind their own business –

Neville: I just report, I don’t pass judgment on you. More like a warning, actually. See if Dem’s on the warpath when we get home.



Beckham: “We”? Naw, I’m not ready for that right now. Maybe later. I’ll come over later. **trying to think**  Tell her I had to go to the library. Tell her my computer’s down at home. I left my phone somewhere. I’ll come over later.

Neville: Suit yourself. Can’t say I blame you. But you’re just putting off the inevitable.



Beckham: I’ve just gotta have some time.

Neville: Okay. See you later.





Beckham: **thinking** Yeah, why not go to the library… it’ll be the truth, anyway…



And what will Beckham do when he gets there?


It appears that Zimta’s gift to Shakkyo has borne fruit – if that’s what she wanted!


Well, well, would you *look* at this



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