Well, well, would you *look* at this

Posted March 3, 2007 by Oona




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Oona: I can’t believe it –

Kenzo: **walking by** Believe what -- ?



Oona: This is amazing – I didn’t think it would happen –

Kenzo: Uh-HUH.



Oona: Kenzo, go find Zimta – she has GOT to see this!

Kenzo: Okay – bet she’ll be surprised…



Zimta: Here am I, Miss Oona. What is it that you wish to show me?

Oona: Come look, Zimta – I think you’ll be very interested –



Zimta: It is this pretty little story you wish me to read  -- ?

Oona: Uh-huh – keep reading…



Zimta: OH!!!! It’s – it’s –




Kenzo: Whoa! She fell pretty hard!

Oona: OMIGOSH!!! ZIMTA!!! You poor thing!

Zimta: *siiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhh*….



Although surprised into shock by a warm response, she did recover enough to compose a heartfelt thank-you to Shak-kyo


“To most kind and gracious Shak-kyo…”



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