“To most kind and gracious Shak-kyo...”

Posted March 3, 2007 by Zimta




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 “Overwhelmed is Zimta with most humble gratitude for the fine gifts that from the hand of Shak-kyo are made.



 “Beautiful are your bonsai and tsuru  -- perhaps Shak-kyo would to teach Zimta which is which season, and please to tell Zimta that which is Shak-kyo’s favorite, as sadly ignorant is Zimta of Shak-kyo’s noble customs and personal tastes -- Zimta would not presume which to guess.



 “If Zimta be so bold, perhaps educate Zimta, Shak-kyo might. Learn would Zimta from a master these most graceful arts.


“In friendship,




Kenzo finds himself in hot water with Oona regarding his lackadaisical communication to his sweet heart Kaida


Kenzo, do you have a minute?



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