Love, love me DONíT

Posted February 27, 2007




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**Fabien flops down on sofa**

Fenchurch: Whatís up with you?

Fabien: Just gotta catch my breath here -- **pause**Itís that damn Yevgeny.†††††

Winslow: What, heís not staying dead enough for you?

Fabien: **rolls eyes** I donít kill Ďem, smart boy. Just work Ďem over.



Fenchurch: A hitch in your plans, then?

Fabien: Wellll... it was going so well there. Mind you, I wasnít in a hurry with this one. Taking my time, using all my best tricks. Iíve run him up one side and down the other and back again. And back again, and back again. But he ainít broke yet! I donít get it.

Fenchurch: You remember, I didnít ask you to bring him here. So my sympathy is limited.

Fabien: Heh, who says Iím asking for sympathy? Iím just stating a fact here. The b*stard wonít give it up! I canít figure it out.



Fenchurch: Well, you see why I broke it up with him. He was impossible and insufferable after a while. Give you a kiss, and then the verbal equivalent of a kick. A mule was easier to live with.

Fabien: Itís not THAT Ė



Yevgeny: **enters, arms open wide** There you are, my devil mistress! These childhood games are so much fun, but I weary of hide-and-seek. You know my arms long to hold you close, my lips to kiss that mouth so full of wicked epithets Ė

Fenchurch and Winslow: **collective gasp, then:** HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!



Yevgeny: **waves hand** Ignore those foolish brats! Fabien, come with me, now. You promised not to leave my side Ė

Fabien: Hey, I didnít promise you anything! You donít listen to a word I say, or at least you sure donít catch the drift of Ďem. Youíre in your own little world, and I am so NOT part of that! Now if you donít mind, Iíve got some thongs to wash. Beat it, you overheating samovar.



Yevgeny: **embraces her** Thatís what I adore about you Ė your complete and brutal frankness. Fenchurch was all sweetness and caring, butter wouldnít melt in her mouth. But you Ė never a kind word. You relentlessly use and abuse me, step on my foot, step on my heart. Iíve longed for someone like you all my life, and didnít know it until you entered Stage Right Ė

Winslow: Are you sure it wasnít Stage Left? *snerk*

Fenchurch: Or rose from the trapdoor Center Stage? *snicker*



Fabien: ENOUGH with the theatrical illusions Ė

Winslow: Donít you mean ďallusionsĒ?

Fenchurch: Think about it, Win Ė she may have been right the first time! **the two of them dissolve in laughter again**



Fabien: **knocking Yevgeny onto the couch** Iím OUTTA HERE! **exits**



Fenchurch: Whoa Ė if Iíd known you like abuse, I sure couldíve given you a smack upside the head.

Yevgeny: There you go, teasing again.

Fenchurch: No you donít Ė Iím not about to give you anything. **pause**



Fenchurch: Oh, what the heck! **FWACK!**

Yevgeny: Ow!

Winslow: And to even up the other side -- **FWACK!**

Yevgeny: Ouch!

**they exit**



Yevgeny: Am I not a tragic figure Ė my love abandons me, and I am kicked to the curb by the cold world.

Buddha Girl: **strolling by** Eh, you just another DUMBASS.



Buddha Girl sure cuts to the chase!


Next month starts with Beckham finding himself in rising hot water.He canít win, even with his best bud Neville, in:


Rumor has itÖ



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