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Tournai: Well, I'm out of here for the weekend. You're sure you'll be all right?
Tadashi: Sure, Nai. Hiro and Kaoru-san are right downstairs.
Nai: No, I mean... Are you all right about what Kazuhiro-kun and I told you? About Gavreau saying he knows about you from his previous life? I know it must have been a shock.
Tadashi: Yes, I... of course it was a shock. I didn't think anyone knew, other than Hideki-san's family, and the authorities. But when you found out that Gavreau has taken over innocent people's bodies before... that was an even greater one, don't you think?
Nai: I have to say, yes, it was. For me, anyway. Well... take care this weekend, Tanaka-san. You all know how to reach me.
Tadashi: We do. I'll see you soon, Nai...



Tadashi: *dozes*



Shulamith: **low, husky voice** Tadashi -- Tadashi -- I need to speak to you! *pause* It's -- it's Shulamith!



Tadashi: Wha - What?? Who??



Shulamith: *sigh* You don't know me -- but -- believe me, I have to speak to you. Now. Please.



Tadashi: No, I... I've heard your name, I remember it... but... what do you want?
Shulamith: I can't say it to a door. *pause* We have something in common... You and I... I know what you went through! I've been there too! Please -- open the door.



Tadashi: What do you mean?
Shulamith: I put two and two together -- and it got me in the door, didn't it? *smile* Seriously, I meant it. We're in the same profession. And I've gotta sit down for a few minutes -- my feet're killing me from that wait for the coast to clear.



Tadashi: *stony faced* I... don't do that any more. It was a long time ago. And... how did you know?
Shulamith: *wryly* It takes one to know one. That, and some snooping in Fenchurch's old e-mails from Hiro. *pause* Where I live now, no one really knows about me, how old I really am, what I do. It'd be pointless to talk to them about it. The pretty little snobs wouldn't understand, even those sluts Gobnait and Boudicca. But you -- *raises eyebrow* Good for you, that you got out of it. Me -- someday. I'm not ready yet... I need a little more -- security.



Tadashi: Security?? There is no security in your "profession", as you call it. You have none, none at all. Don't you realize that? And you should get out, before you get hurt. Or worse... before it's too late. You have a safe place to live now, and you don't even appreciate it. But I don't think you came here for me to give you a lecture. I know about you. You're that... friend of Gavreau's. Tell me what you want, please, and then you should go.



Shulamith: Yes, I'm his little friend, all right. Though not so much after I tell you this. I'm the one who told him you were living here. And he knows all about when you killed your lover -- he says he was there.



Tadashi: Shulamith, why?? Why are you coming here to tell me this? First you tell him I live here, now you come to warn me about him? *frustrated* I don't understand...



Shulamith: Let's just say I'm a little pissed off at him right now... not enough to cut him off for good. And... like I said before, you and I have something in common. Not that I'm getting sentimental, or a conscience in particular... maybe I'm just buying myself a little karma insurance. *bitter smile*



Tadashi: You're trying to level the playing field? You can't. He has a massive advantage over you, and it's a dangerous game you're playing with him. Shulamith, listen to me.



Tadashi: I understand what's going on between you and him more than you think I do. Because, you see... even though Nai and Hiro thought he was lying at first, and I think you do too... he's not. Gavreau is telling the truth... he WAS there when I fought Hideki-san in self defense. He was there because... he WAS Hideki-san. In his body, anyway.



Shulamith: Well -- here I go preaching to the choir. **shivers and pulls coat a little tighter** And somebody just walked over my grave. I'm the cliche princess tonight! Lucky for me I'm headed out of town -- unless you tell me he's psychic, too. Er... how DID you find out Gavreau used to be in Hideki-san's body?



Tadashi: I... I found out one night, when Gavreau sneaked into the house behind me. I didn't see him. And the next thing I knew, he approached me in the living room, and when I turned around and he saw me, he had this LOOK on his face. I didn't understand why... until suddenly he called me by a name that no one else knew I had, no one except Hideki-san. He called me "Kaze." And... I absolutely went into shock. I couldn't move, I could barely breathe. I couldn't believe it, but... I KNEW. I knew right then why he recognized me. No one else ever called me that.



Tadashi: Please, Shulamith... don't tell anyone. I... I haven't told Nai who he was, or Hiro, not yet. I will soon, but right now I just can't. But I will tell you this. He doesn't have the same influence over me any more. Without the same face, the same body... he's not the same man. I don't know how else to explain it. Do you understand, though, that I know what I'm talking about regarding him? All I can do is warn you. Since... since you went out of your way to warn me.
Shulamith: Ah... so I'd better not be tempted to kill him, then! We don't need to be freeing him up to try for another body closer to home. I make it a rule to not spend any more time than I have to with him, anyway. Well, I'd better get the hell out of here. *pause* Thank you, Tadashi. I know I'm a complete b*tch, but... I am glad we talked. Really.
Tadashi: Shulamith... I'll be honest, and say that I wouldn't normally go out of my way to trust you. But I'll remember what you did. And... I'm glad we talked too. I don't think anyone else could even come close to understanding what my relationship with Hideki-san was like.
Shulamith: Our little secret, for sure. So long...



Some secret!


On the lighter side, we return to that fun chick, Fabien, and her dilemma…


Love, love me DON’T



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