Neville and Beckham take stock of the alternatives

Posted February 19, 2007




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Neville: So you broke up again – and went back to her again.

Beckham: Yeah… I dunno.



Neville: Oh, that’s her dance, alright – two steps forward, two back, one to the side. She may be my sister, but…  I warned you when I introduced you.



Beckham: Yeah, I know…



Neville: There’s other girls – like – Dorothy?

Beckham: She’s got a smart mouth.



Neville: Or there’s Natsumi.

Beckham: I heard she’s got a college guy for a boyfriend now.



Neville: Oh – yeah. Or there’s that Fenchurch. She’s a looker.

Beckham: Yeah…  Someone said she has a boyfriend, who doesn’t go to our school. Besides, she’s a tomboy. I don’t like a girl who can play soccer as well as me. It isn’t right, somehow.



Neville: Well… there’s Persephone.

Beckham: She’s just a kid – and a brainiac into the bargain.



Neville: Huh… how about that Allegra, Pal’s sister?

Beckham: She’s just a kid, too. Oh, I dunno.



Neville: Heh, guess you’re stuck with my sister, then – good luck.

Beckham: Yeah… *sigh*… luck…



It’s a no-win situation, eh, Beckham?


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