A parting of the ways between two Elf brothers

Posted February 18, 2007




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Sanar: Well, brother, it is time for me to be on my way, to continue my quest. Are you still certain of your decision?



Inigo: I wish I could honestly say yes, Sanar. I am torn…



Inigo: As kin, I should be by your side, helping you to find your lost wife… to keep my promise. It is far from completion; who knows how much longer to search, whether this newest lead will prove fruitful, or another dead end.



Inigo: This journey into the world of mortals led me unexpectedly into new paths of thinking, and I can no longer hold to our ways – the elven ways.



Sanar: So you have said… and the mistress of this house approves, then?



Inigo: Yes – I would not stay here if she said nay. She was all kindness, and reassured me I would fit in.

Sanar: A most odd assortment of denizens, if you ask me *little laugh* -- I doubt the Alar will look here!



Sanar: Very well, then. I will not further contest your decision, nor will I tell the Alar any of this, in hopes that in time you may change your mind, and to protect you from their enmity.

Inigo: Brother, your understanding is more than I deserve…



Sanar: Farewell, my brother --Gieran, tenna’ento lye omenta.

Inigo: Namaarienamaarie, gieranVanya sulie



Inigo: May you at least find happiness…



**drops wearily onto sofa** …Now it is done. My old life gone, a strange new one takes its place…



…Time will only tell if I fit in here… or am doomed to never be at ease.



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