Oona helps Zimta with a little online shopping

Posted February 17, 2007




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Zimta: Miss Oona, it is most gracious of you to help me find a worthy present.

Oona: I’m happy to be of assistance, Zimta. But since you’ve never met the intended recipient, it may be difficult to find something suitable –



Zimta: Ah, but this may help to smooth the path. Besides, I wish it to express his innermost beauty. *smile*

Oona: That’s a pretty tall order for a first gift. I suggest you pick something simple, like a book or a music CD –



Zimta: A book? Oh, no, Miss Oona, that is so DULL –

Oona: Well, it depends on the subject matter. I still think that for a first gift, you should take it slow –



Zimta: Oh no, this requires something DASHING, something BOLD, that will make this person rise and say, “She is the MOST exciting creature I will ever meet!”

Oona: I see



Zimta: Have you heard of an expression – “Hiding your light under a bushel.” Hide my light I will not…



Oona: *to herself* He’s gonna wind up like a deer in headlights…



Zimta: But Miss Oona, surely you can suggest –

Oona: Oh never mind – I’ll leave you to pick out what you will, and let the chips fall where they may! **leaves room**


A few days later…


Oona: I see you have a package – I just heard the mailman leave.

Zimta: Yes… IT arrived **sly grin**



Zimta: These I found myself – are they not splendid?

Oona: Ummmm – it doesn’t even begin to describe those – those – whatever!



Zimta:Twas intuition that led me to these. As an elf, I do possess the ability to find what is needed, when I listen to the voice inside. Much as I have come to love your mortal world, it nearly stole my elven senses. But when you left me alone and quiet, I rediscovered them. And so discovered these –



Know I that your intentions were good, but – I must never forget who I am – what I am --



Else how will he truly know what I am, too… **a tear glimmers**



Oona: Oooo-kaaaay, then… Hope you like your new britches, Mister Wonderful!



You tell ‘em, Oona!


Changing gears, we come in on a serious story of two brothers…


A parting of the ways between two Elf brothers



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