Love – er – study in the afternoon…

Posted February 13, 2007




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Of course Dorothy was right – they’re not exactly studying for school.














Demelza: OH! We -- we’d better stop now. Someone may be coming in any time -- !



Beckham: You always do this, Dem – you always stop things in the middle –

Demelza: I – I know… but –


Beckham: I can’t do this anymore, Dem – I’ve gotta break up with you. I mean it this time.



Demelza: But… I… I’m… sorry, Beck… I am… I wish you’d understand… **begins to sob**



Beckham: Don’t cry, Dem – don’t. I don’t like it when you cry. **relents** Please…



Demelza: And… and we won’t break up?... I couldn’t stand it… that’s why I cry… **smiles through tears**



Beckham: **deep sigh** Noooo… not this time. I promise…



Ah yes – those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it…



Not all couples are so tormented. Chance has a happy Valentine’s Day greeting for Wynnefred:


Hey, Wynnefred, I guess I don’t have to ask…



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