Hey, Wynnefred, I guess I donít have to ask...

Posted February 14, 2007 by Chance




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...if you got my box of chocolates! Nice of you to share... but then you're always nice... .



You know, it's been a YEAR since we met, here, on Zone of Zen...



Although, with my sister Tabby butting in, and then you had to go back to Japan... I didn't know if we'd ever see each other again...



...But we sure did. You came to visit me this past summer, then we got to spend time together at the convention in Austin, and before Christmas I got to see you in Oregon. So it turned out to be a very good year, after all...



And I want this year to be a good one, too -- Happy Valentine's Day, Wynnefred...

With Love from

Your Chance



Some of my other kids had Valentines for their sweeties, too:


For ma jolie coeur E'ClairÖ



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