Beckham in the lioness’ den...

Posted April 30, 2007




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Neville: Hey, so you decided to show up –

Beckham: Yeah, now you’re supposed to let me in, is how it usually works.

Neville: Uh, Dorothy’s in there with her –

Beckham: That doesn’t scare me.

Neville: Oh-kayyy then. This should be entertaining.



Neville: Dem, you have a visitor *snicker*.

Demelza: Oh – Beckham!

Beckham: I need to talk to you – alone. **stares at Dorothy**

Dorothy: Well, well, well – not that I won’t get the scoop later. Though I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall *smirk*.



Dorothy: C’mon, Neville, we know when we’re not wanted. Call me, Dem! **exits**

Beckham: You too, Neville.

Neville:  Hey, I live here too – but I’m leaving, I’m leaving. **exits**



Beckham: Dem, I’m here to talk – really talk – about us.

Demelza: Oh! Dorothy told me about today – in lab **tosses head** I don’t know what else there is to talk about.

Beckham: *quietly* Dorothy doesn’t always get it right.



Demelza: She’s my friend! She has my best interests at heart, always! She showed me the pics – you were flirting with that, um, Fenchurch girl – I saw them. And not just in lab – in the library too!

Beckham: *still quietly* I don’t deny she was my lab partner today. And I don’t deny I talked to her in the library, too. Dorothy can take all the pictures she wants. But she wasn’t sitting with us, so she doesn’t know everything.

Demelza: But you DID talk to her –



Beckham: *deep breath* Yes, we talked. We had to talk about the lab.

Demelza: But you DIDN’T have to talk in the library, too, did you? I suppose you’ll say it was still the lab! **lower lip quivers**



Beckham: No, it wasn’t the lab. **pause** I asked her for advice – about us.

Demelza: Oh, how could you? Why her? **tears well up**

Beckham: Because… because she was an impartial third party. No axe to grind like our group has. She was very sensible about it.

Demelza: *sob* I’ll just bet she was…



Beckham: She was, Dem. Really. She helped me see your side of things… I… I haven’t been fair sometimes. It’s – riskier for you… isn’t it?



Demelza: Oh…



Beckham: It’s hard sometimes, Dem – I really like you. I think you like me too   and you think you have to please me, so I push you farther than you should --

Demelza: Oh, I do -- I do… want to please you… and… **low voice** I want it too…

Beckham: Then that’s why we have to get our heads on straight about this, so we stop being at cross-purposes. And… figure out what we can do   together.



Demelza: We will, we will… you’re so smart. One of the things I admire about you.

Beckham: Yeah… I am pretty smart, aren’t I? *smile*

Demelza: And your smile is another – mmm *kiss*



Beckham: You too… *kiss*

Demelza: *giggle* So sweet… *kiss*



Neville: Boy nearly loses girl; boy gets advice from another girl; boy gets first girl back. Movie of the week, huh?

Dorothy: **shrug** See how long that lasts.



 Who or what put the burr under Dorothy’s saddle? Maybe someday we’ll know.


The BIG event in May was Hiro’s visit to the Beamlette household – not to be taken lightly, though you know we all can’t stay serious for long…


Hiro pays a visit



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