A Boy’s Best Friend... ?

Posted April 26, 2007




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Tabitha: Hey, Chance, you’re gonna be late – that bonehead friend Quade is waiting for you.

Quade: **off-screen** I HEARD that, you little rodent!

Chance: Oh – uh-huh. I was just reading this letter Ms. Beamlette gave me. She forgot it until this morning…



Tabitha: *mocking tone* Who’s it from – your girlfriend?

Chance: Um, no… it’s – from Mom and Dad.

Tabitha: Really… What… what do they say?

Chance: Not much. It’s not very long – but they say they’re OK, and hope Ms. Beamlette is treating us well. And of course they can’t say anything else. It’s in Dad’s writing, so I think it’s for real.



Tabitha: That’s all? Nothing about when they can come back?

Chance: No. Just, “be good, study hard, and take care of each other.”

Tabitha: Huh. **tosses head** Well, your bonehead friend’s STILL waiting. Let’s go already.



Lunchtime at school…


Quade: So you heard from your parents, huh? Bet that feels weird.

Chance: Yeah… I wish I knew why they have to be so secretive. I guess they want us to be safe and not worry too much.

Quade: Sometimes I wish my parents would disappear! **sees look on Chance’s face** Hey, sorry – bad joke.

Chance: S’okay. *smiles* Sometimes I think it’s too bad they couldn’t have taken Tabby with them.

Quade: Yeah, I second that! **pause** Hey, it’s that Allegra lookin’ at us again. It’s beginning to creep me out.



Chance: Oh? She’s not so bad – she lives with the rest of us. She babysits Maeby for me, which is nice.

Quade: I dunno – I think she’s up to something.

Chance: Naw, she likes little kids, and she’s good with Maeby. Then I don’t have to worry when I go see Wynnefred.

Quade: Wynnefred… you really like her, don’t you?

Chance: *blush* Yeah… she’s, well, compared to some of the girls at our house, she’s so… normal. It’s a funny way to describe it, but… I really like being with her.

Quade: Yeah, there’s a lotta UN-normal people at your house. Although some of the girls are kindahot



Chance: When they’re not being scary or something.

Quade: Fenchurch is pretty normal, wouldn’t you say?

Chance: Um, yeah. She’s nice, and smart, and good to talk to. But… Fred is, well, more girly. I like that.

Quade: Does she giggle a lot, and touch your hair and face?

Chance: Yeah… she does. **gets a little dreamy-eyed**

Quade: Okay, Romeo. Looks like lunch is over. Let’s go.



Allegra: **hurries over** Chance – Chance – I think you dropped this –

Chance: Oh – gosh, thanks, Allegra. I – I wouldn’t want to’ve lost that.

**Quade stares at Allegra**

Allegra: I’m glad I saw it in time… Um, do you… need a babysitter this afternoon or evening?



Chance: Thanks for asking… but no, not this evening. But in a couple weeks, I will, when I go to see Wynnefred.

Allegra: **eyes widen** Oh – sure – I can do that for you…

Chance: Great! Gotta go – I need to talk to our Lit teacher before class starts.



Quade: You’re always starin’ at Chance. I see you all the time, hangin’ around. What’s with that?

Allegra: I -- **frowns** I can stare at him if I want to! It’s none of your business.

Quade: Well, he’s MY friend, and I don’t want some girl bugging him when she doesn’t need to. Besides, he’s got a girlfriend. Which you probably know, from all your spying and sneaking.



Allegra: It’s not a big secret.

Quade: Nope, it isn’t. So since you know, you can just lay off trying to get him interested in you.

Allegra: All’s fair in love and war.

Quade: Hey, if it’s war you want –



Allegra: *sigh* It’s just an expression. Don’t threaten me.

Quade: As long as you promise not to mess with my friend.

Allegra: We’ll see. I’ll leave it up to Chance, not you. Good-BYE. **exits**



Quade: **to self** Not if I can help it… crazy girl.



 Beckham has some obstacles to overcome, too:


Beckham in the lioness’ den



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