The Prodigal Daughter Returns...

Posted April 25, 2007




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Fabien: Look who’s back!

Shulamith: Oh, it’s you – still around, I see.

Fabien: Sure I’m around – why wouldn’t I be?

Shulamith: Still didn’t get the broom fixed, then.



Fabien: HAHAHA! You’ve still got that sense of humor. Though I see you couldn’t get the time of day from Hiro-boy. Just as well, I didn’t want you sullying him before it’s my turn.

Shulamith: Lay off my case. He’s small potatoes, anyway.

Fabien: I’ve heard that small potatoes are in style right now – mmmm! Well, enough chit-chat, hon. Gotta stay ahead of that Russian tearoom – a girl likes her privacy now and then – ta! **exits**

Shulamith: Uh-huh. *under breath* “Girl,” she calls herself –



**flops on sofa**

Shulamith: What now…



Easton:  So – how’s business?

Shulamith: Business. Busted my hump, broke even. That’s how it goes.

Easton: Uh-huh. No fun, eh?

Shulamith: That depends. You take it where you can find it.



Easton: Yeah…that’s been my philosophy so far.

Shulamith: And how’ve you been keeping occupied?

Easton: Oh, been watching some little deals come together. And doing some fence-mending.

Shulamith: Fences, hm?



Easton: Yeah, personal stuff…

Shulamith: Y’know, speaking of fences – there’s one right here that could use a little mending… if you don’t mind…



Easton: You… sure?

Shulamith: Oh yeah. Some things we want back in their usual place…

Easton: And a nice place it is…



Shulamith: Mmmmm

Easton: Mmmmmmmmm



Shulamith and Easton: Mmmmmmmmmmmm



Shulamith: **sees girl** OH! Who -- what – what’re you doing here?

Easton: What – who’re you talking to?

Young Shulamith: Just taking notes, is all.



Easton: Shu – this girl – she looks like –

Young Shulamith: You catch on quick, Blondie.

Shulamith: WHEN – and WHY are you here?

Young Shulamith: Got here just before you returned from your Grand Tour. Not my idea – ask that guardian of ours. But I might as well be here as any other place.



Shulamith: I’ll be d*mned if I have to be your babysitter –

Young Shulamith: -- because you KNOW how bad you were – are. Don’t worry, though, there’s enough other people around here, so I can get lost in the crowd. I’ll be just fine. Get back to Blondie there, before he gets a chill. **exits**



Easton: Normally I’d say, what the h*ll was that all about, but living in this house, it’s SOP, isn’t it?

Shulamith: I need a talk with that guardian –

Easton: Not that it’ll do any good.

Shulamith: Noooo… but I feel like venting…



 Back to Allegra, and her continuing pursuit of Chance, which runs into another obstacle:


A Boy’s Best Friend… ?



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