Hiro pays a visit to Ms. Beamlette’s household

Posted May 6, 2007




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Hiro: Hey, um – I’m Tanaka Kazuhiro, come to visit Fenchurch – you’re Oona, aren’t you?

Oona: Oh! Hi, Hiro – we’ve been waiting for you to arrive. Come in. And this is Paladin –

Paladin: Hey there.



Oona: Fenchurch asked me to keep an eye out for you –

Hiro: Where IS Fenchurch? I mean, I thought she’d be here…

Oona: Oh, she will. Something came up at school that she had to stay behind for – of all days for that to happen! But don’t worry, she’ll be along soon. Come relax, and meet some of the household.

Hiro: Do I HAVE to?



Oona: I think it would be a good idea, considering. Would you like some lemonade?

Hiro: Yeah – I guess so… hm, it doesn’t LOOK like there’s any spatial anomalies around here.

Paladin: You mean like that weird place where everything’s tilty and stuff runs backwards? Naw. Other than vampires, elves, owl girls –

Tabitha: And IDIOTS!

Paladin: That too – it’s really pretty normal around here. Of course you know that’s Tabitha.



Hiro: Yeah, I recognized her from her sneer.

Tabitha: So we’re doing foreign exchange programs around here now. Chance gets to see his *girrrrlllll*-friend *snerk*.

Hiro: He also has an opportunity to get away from YOU for a while.

Tabitha: Okay, smart guy. Only good thing about you is you’re NOT an elf. And I’m OUTTA here! **exits**



**Zimta appears**

Zimta: Ah, but an elf am *I* -- Zimta. You come from the household of Friend Shakkyo, do you not?

Hiro: **a little startled** Don’t sneak up on me like that! Yeah, Shakkyo happens to live with us. In fact, you’re the reason HE got a laptop.



Zimta: Forgive me, Hiro – it is Hiro, isn’t it? Think I, I am a little -- *giggle* jealous – that reside you under same roof as the most remarkable Shakkyo -- *giggle*.

Hiro: Remarkable? Oh yeah, he’s remarkable, all right. When he’s not meditating naked, or showing off rat bouquets –



Waramon: **slipping in** Well, hello again, young Hiro. This is a nice surprise, indeed – and who is naked at your house? How could I have missed that?

Hiro: Doesn’t ANYONE in this house not know how to sneak into a room? Sheesh!

Waramon: Oh, that was naughty of me to slip up all creepsy-tricksy, wasn’t it?

Hiro: Better you than Fabien…



Waramon: Oh no! No – we’re under strict orders from your lovely Fenchurch to keep the flabbergastly Fabien from touching a hair of your dear head, yes…

Zimta: Ah, Master Waramon – heard I that you were on that list as well –

Hiro: Oh great, there’s a LIST. Where IS Fenchurch, anyway?...

Zimta: **to Waramon** Shoo – shoo, Master Waramon. See how you make the guest nervous?



Oona: **returning** I’m sorry it took me so long with the lemonade. In the meantime I see you’ve met Zimta, and reacquainted yourself with Waramon

Hiro: I never tried to get acquainted with him in the FIRST place –

Waramon: Haha, you are so refreshingly direct, just like our dear Fenchurch… such a SWEET couple they make – don’t they, Oona?



Oona: Oh yes, they do. But I agree with what I overheard Zimta saying – do SHOO, Waramon.

Hiro: *sigh* It’s gonna be a loooong two weeks…

**Paladin comes in and whispers in Oona’s ear**



Oona: Oh Hiro – let me show you the backyard –

Hiro: Is THAT where you keep the spatial anomaly?



Oona: *giggle* In a manner of speaking, yes…


Fenchurch: Hurry and take your shoes off! Or do you want ME to? *laughs*

Hiro: WILL you? I was never so glad to see you in my whole LIFE!



Oona: At last! I love a happy ending…



Many thanks to galatia9 for Hiro’s dialogue.  The reunion continued in:


Splendor in the Grass



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