Splendor in the Grass

Posted May 6, 2007 by galatia9




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Hiro: **sighh**

Fenchurch: Was that a good sigh or a bad sigh?



Hiro: Fenchurch... if you could see what I see, you'd know it was a GOOD sigh...

Fenchurch: *giggles* You DID seem awfully happy to see me. 



Hiro: Happy isn't a strong enough word for how I felt when I saw you. Euphoric, maybe.

Fenchurch: Oh, Hiro...



Hiro: And although PART of it was because I'm getting a little break from everyone who's inside right now... it's mostly because when I saw you out here on the grass, I knew it was exactly where I wanted to be. With you.

Fenchurch: I'm... euphoric  that you're here with me, too.



Hiro: Really?

Fenchurch: Hiro!! Of COURSE really.



Hiro: Hmmm... you don't quite LOOK euphoric to me.

Fenchurch: Well, I AM. Don't you believe me?

Hiro: Hmmm... no, I don't. However... I think I know exactly what you need to REALLY make you euphoric...

Fenchurch: You do?





Fenchurch: Mmmmm.... Hiro?

Hiro: What?

Fenchurch: You were right.

Hiro: I told you so.



Hiro: **sighh**

Fenchurch: I think THAT was a good sigh... right?

Hiro: Yup, mostly.

Fenchurch: Mostly? What, no more euphoria?



Hiro: I'd be more euphoric if HE wasn't hanging around.



Thanks to galatia9 for all the dialogue in this story.


  Chance in turn got to visit his dear Wynnefred, and had to stand up under the scrutiny of Tournai in:


Chance is just a little anxious…



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