Chance is just a little anxious...

Posted May 6, 2007 by galatia9 & beamlette




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**fingers tap nervously**



Tournai: Well... Chance, it is nice to meet you finally. Wynnefred and Kazuhiro-kun speak very favorably of you.
Chance: **standing up** It's -- it's nice to meet you, too, sir. Erm, how are you today?
Nai: *tries not to smile* I'm very well, thank you. Please, sit down.



**pause while Chance fishes for something to say**

Chance: Um, Fenchurch tells me you know a great deal about history... personal and up close, is how she put it...
Nai: Er, in a way. The retelling of history is quite different from living in it. I only saw my own small part, not always what they call "the big picture". Do you know what I mean?
Chance: But the small parts are interesting... and add up to the big parts, too... um, I don't mean to sound disrespectful, sir. I like to read history, is why I asked.
Nai: I'm glad to hear you have an interest in it, Chance. Since you enjoy reading about it, you must be very familiar with the concept of the generals perceiving victory or defeat in the overall battle, while the common soldier sees only what is immediately around him.
Chance: Yes... for some reason, I thought of Napoleon leaving Russia, and all his troops abandoned in misery, to fend for themselves.



Nai: Yes, and it was not the first or last time a foreign army was left behind to be defeated by a Russian winter, as I found out later. But Chance... I must tell you, I am more concerned about your future than I am about my past.



Chance: **straightens** I assume you mean what career I've chosen. Law, sir. But, um, not the ambulance-chasing type. I'd like -- to be an advocate for children. It's because my parents had to disappear, and leave us with Ms. Beamlette. We're lucky, my sisters and I, but there's a lot of kids who aren't, so I'd like to help them.



Nai: *impressed* That is a highly commendable goal for you to choose. Especially when other boys your age often think of nothing more than... well, I'll call them selfish pursuits. And you are very correct. Not everyone is as lucky as your family... or ours. You should take advantage of your opportunity to speak to Kaoru-san while you are here, Chance. He has many of the same goals you do. However... *ahem* I am also concerned with another aspect of your future. Do you know what I'm speaking of?
Chance: You mean -- Wynnefred -- don't you? *blush* I -- it may be too early to say about that, sir!
Nai: I do mean Wynnefred, but don't worry, Chance, I'm not asking about your long term plans! The two of you are still very young, and I am pleased to find you are a sensible and practical young man. It's just that she is my ward while she is here, and I am responsible for her welfare. However... I believe your intentions are honourable. Am I correct?



Chance: Yessir! I mean, I would never do anything that was bad for Wynnefred -- never. She -- she means too much to me for that. Er, but, we're not so serious yet -- erm... that's all. *blush*
Nai: Yes, Chance, I know... I don't believe –



Nai: --you have bad intentions toward Wynnefred --
Fred: Nai??!! What do you mean by that?? Chance would NEVER --
Chance: Wynnefred! We were just talking -- it's not what you think... gosh, but you look nice...



Fred: Nai, if you're being unpleasant to Chance, I'll never forgive you!! He is the kindest, sweetest boy I have ever met, and I don't want to hear you talking like that about him! He --
Nai: Well, if you would just LISTEN to him, Wynnefred



Chance: It's okay, Wynnefred, really. We had a good talk -- about history, and, um, the present, didn't we, sir? *smile*
Wynnefred: You... you DID??
Nai: Yes, my dear, we DID. I want to assure you that I am very pleased with your young man... and I think he is as special as YOU are. I don't think there could be anyone better for you at this point in your life, so it's a good thing you found each other.
Wynnefred: WELL!! Miracles never cease!



Wynnefred: *brightens* Do you really think I look NICE??



  Thanks to galatia9 for allowing her story (all but Chance’s dialogue) to be shown here.


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