Ms. Beamlette, BF and I took Hiro to see some of the Vegas strip

Posted May 11, 2007 by Fenchurch




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(As narrated by Fenchurch.) We only went to Caesar’s Palace and the Bellagio, but I think that was enough for Hiro! We parked at Caesar’s, and walked to Bellagio. On the way, we looked out at the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard)…


Fenchurch: Well, Hiro, what do you think?

Hiro: Well – it’s loud, noisy and hot. But on the plus side... it's GAUDY too.



Fenchurch: *giggle* It’s NOT supposed to be tasteful, Hiro – it’s all about fantasy and dreams.

Hiro: I'd call it a NIGHTMARE!



Fenchurch: I think after a couple jet-lagged days it does look that way to some people.

Hiro: Now I understand why Fabien popped up here – she blends right in!


On the other side of this building, we discovered a Southeast Asian shrine…


Hiro: Now this is the last thing I’d expect to find here –

Fenchurch: Vegas does get a lot of gamblers from Asia. Guess you need luck however you can find it.



Hiro: Haven’t they heard you make your own luck? Superstition and praying to strange gods doesn’t make sense any more.

Fenchurch: Yes… but then, gambling isn’t particularly sensible, either. Still, it’s the bread and butter around here.



Fenchurch: Oh, Ms, Beamlette wants us to look all happy and touristy – wave for the camera, Hiro!

Hiro: Look, I'm pretending I'm in Rome! Doing as the Romans do! **they wave**


Inside the Bellagio, it’s hard to find a safe place for us to stand, and get pics of the Conservatory, AND deal with light issues…


Hiro: Okay, beamlette, hurry up and take the pic – AHHHH! @#% flash! Right in my eyes!

Fenchurch: *giggle* Doesn’t Ms. Linda do the same things to you?



Hiro: Yeah, but… anyway, I’m just glad to be here with you. Done YET, beamlette?

Beamlette: Well, yes. But I do enjoy taking pictures of you two – you’re SO darn cute, you know.

Hiro: *sigh* Always with the cute thing… guys AREN’T cute.

Fenchurch: No they aren’t, Mr. Studly *snicker*.

Hiro: What, don't you think I'm cute?


On to the newest wing of the Forum at Caesar’s…


Hiro: AGAIN with the flash! Ow!

Fenchurch: I think she doesn’t want us to be dark little blots in the photo –

Hiro: Yeah, and it’s okay if all I see are a lot of dark blots afterwards!



Fenchurch: Over there is where we’re going to have lunch, Hiro – Joe’s Stone Crab.

Hiro: I’m glad you told me, ‘cause I can’t see it yet – you’ll have to LEAD me over. And Joe must be some genius. Who opens a SEAFOOD restaurant in the desert, anyway?



Fenchurch: Nice menu – all the classics. Oh, I think Ms. Beamlette and BF are having some of the house specialty, the crab claws – how do you feel about that?

Hiro: I dunno – but I don’t think the crabs CAN feel much of anything now *bwahahaha*



Fenchurch: Mmmm, good oysters on the half-shell. Sure you won’t try one?

Hiro: **woozy**, I'll pass... too much like snot, if you ask me.

Fenchurch: Oh, but it’s GOOD snot! Well, just means more for me!


On the way out, we saw this in front of Victoria’s Secret – Hiro had to check it out…


Hiro: WOW… I mean, er, wow Fenchurch, you could wear this… wow…

Fenchurch: **off screen** HAHAHA! Where?  I do like the wings…

Hiro: Yeah, I should have known THOSE would look familiar to you!


And of course we had to see some classic Vegas boobage


Fenchurch: *laughing* Steady there, Hiro. I wouldn’t want to have to tell Ms. Linda how and why you fell over!

Hiro: Erm, I… um, she makes me think of you… er, what I THINK you look like… ummmm



Fenchurch: You can’t leave Vegas without seeing Cleopatra’s Barge – this is one thing I don’t think they’ll be imploding any time soon!

Hiro: If it hasn’t done it on its own by now, no. She sure is... aerodynamic!



Fenchurch: This has been here since the casino opened in the early 1960s –

Hiro: She’s, um, pretty well-preserved… wonder how much gold paint they go through touching ‘em up? HER! I mean, HER!



Hiro: I doubt Augustus ever thought he’d be presiding in a place like this 2,000 years later. I can hear Julius now -- I came, I saw, I gambled.

Fenchurch: I think Ms. Beamlette needs this in her backyard, don’t you?

Hiro: Yeah, something for Tivadar to hide behind so he can watch us *snerk*. Hey... what's with that little guy back there?



Hiro: Hey Fenchurch – you think I’d have a chance with this video poker?

Fenchurch: *giggle* Oh yes – it can’t see your FACE!


And on that note, we hurried away, before security caught us underage kids hanging around…



Many, MANY thanks to galatia9 for letting Hiro come see us, providing his dialogue, and letting us drag him all over!


Naturally the other men in Fenchurch’s life have to check out Hiro, while they have the chance –


All the men in Fenchurch’s life – together!



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