All the men in Fenchurch’s life – together!

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At last Hiro meets Fenchurch’s cousins (l. to r.), Aaron, Winslow, David (Natsumi sitting next to him), and her half-brother Easton (behind chair)…



David: Nice to meet you at last, Hiro. Fen talks all the time about you, all good, of course. It sounds like you have a lot of interests in common, soccer among them. Let us know when you’re up to that match Fen keeps talking about *chuckle*.

Fenchurch: He’s been training with one of his roommates at home – we better watch out!

Hiro: Yeah, Kaoru has been putting me through workouts at the gym, and jogging. I could probably take ANY of you on at soccer, but I’m STILL not sure I could beat Fenchurch!



Winslow: Yeah, we’ve been wondering about you -- hey, anybody who can get Fen to voluntarily wear a dress has to be a pretty big deal in her book!

Aaron: Uh-huh – she hardly EVER wears dresses!

Fenchurch: Win, you stinker, you! *laughs*

Hiro: Ah, the truth comes out, huh, Fenchurch? But I like her no matter what she wears.



Easton: Yeah – and the next step is HOW he gets the dress OFF her – watch out, li’l sis.

Fenchurch: EASTON! *blush* Well, I know now you’re not THAT changed.

Hiro: So much for “a turn for the better”.

Winslow: Crass as ever – sheesh!



Fenchurch: I’ll see Natsumi out while you guys finish here –

Natsumi: Bye everyone – I’ll call you later, David. Nice meeting you, Kazuhiro –

Hiro: Nice meeting you too, Natsumi-san… um, hurry back, Fenchurch… please!



David: No, we really did enjoy meeting you Hiro – don’t be so nervous.

Hiro: Nervous? *gulp* Why – why would I be nervous?

David: I think we all think Fen has picked a winner this time, with you.

Winslow: I agree. You’ve got Yev beat by light years. And I wasn’t responsible for the introduction. It worked better that way *chuckle*.

Hiro: It sounded like Yevgeny wasn’t very good for her. She’s lucky to have all of you to look out for her. I know you all mean a lot to Fenchurch…



Hiro: She means a lot to me too.

David: We’re glad to hear that, too, Hiro. You really make Fen happy, which makes us happy –

Winslow: And we think there’s a pretty good chance you’ll go on making us ALL happy –

Easton: Especially Fen *smirk*.

Hiro: I hope so…

David: Now we don’t mean to sound too obnoxious, but I think you’ll appreciate where we’re coming from, as Fen’s relatives, when we say this –

Winslow: -- if we EVER hear that you’ve broken our Fen’s heart – EVER –

David: -- we will use YOUR head for a soccer ball. That’s all. **pats Hiro on  back**

Hiro: Gee, thanks, it’s comforting to know you won’t do worse…



Hiro: I’ll tell you this right now, though… it won’t end with Fenchurch and me the way it did with Yevgeny. If she and I ever decide to break up, we’ll decide on it together. But I don’t intend for that to happen any time soon.

Winslow: Good to hear it.



**David, Win and Easton exit**

Aaron: YOU heard MY brothers! Don’ you EVER hurt Fen – EVER!!!

Hiro: Isn’t there a yellow brick road you should be following right now??



Hiro: Hey, Tivadar  YOU think it’s okay for me to be around Fenchurch now, don’t you?

Tivadar: It is not always my choice –



Hiro: It’s… it’s not?

Tivadar: Mistress Fenchurch has instructed me to protect you as I would her, so this is my duty. And while I may or may not entirely approve of you is not the issue here. However – since you and I have a common enemy in that devil’s wench –

Hiro: You mean Fabien

Tivadar: Yes – that she-demon, whose name I will not utter, lest it summon her forth – then you and I are as brothers, for the sake of Mistress Fenchurch.

Hiro: I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength, Tivadar. But as much as I’ve always WANTED a bloodthirsty fifteenth-century pagan barbarian warrior for a brother, I’ve got a brother already, thanks.



Fenchurch: Sorry I was gone for so long – Natsumi and I got to talking. So, you survived meeting the guys, then?

Hiro: Sure… we’re all best buds now *snerk*. Man, why is everyone around here so TALL?? Must be something in the water.



Fenchurch: You’re so funny, Hiro – I have a feeling they pulled some stunt with you. Hope they didn’t make any threats –

Hiro: No DIRECT threats, no. If they’d pulled a stunt on me, I think I would know it… but luckily they have enough respect and love for you that they’d accept anyone that you thought highly of. So… I think I’m safe.



Hiro: Fenchurch… how about some time away from the house for a change?





Not every threat to Hiro is tall…

Posted on May 12,2007 by beamlette and galatia9



Fenchurch: Wasn’t that nice of Ms. Beamlette to find a playmate for Maeby! Ulf seems to be a good kid, don’t you think, Hiro?

Hiro: I’ll reserve my judgment, thanks. But at least he’s a sub-compact model. You can stick him in the glove box when you’re done with him.



Ulf: SOMEDAY I be bigger’n’you, den I beat you up an’ MARRY Fen’urch!

Hiro: Hey, you don’t have to beat me up to marry Fenchurch – go right ahead!

Fenchurch: Haha – who says I’d marry EITHER one of you? *snicker*

Hiro: Why does everyone around here wanna beat me UP??



Hiro and his dialogue provided by galatia9.


Hiro is shown that there’s more to Vegas – and gets a break from some of the scrutiny in –


Back To Nature – an antidote to glitter



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