Back to Nature – an antidote to glitter

Posted May 14, 2007




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In less than an hour you can be up in the mountains northwest of Vegas – so that is where we took Hiro and Fenchurch – among others…


Fenchurch: Imagine, Hiro – this was once beachfront property!

Hiro: Ha – Joe and his seafood restaurant were just a few million years late, then – well, at least there’s no seagulls now!



Fenchurch: Still, it’s a spectacular view. Wonder what the Native Americans thought, as they moved with the seasons – spending winters down there in the valleys, and summers up here. Sort of Nature’s climate control system.

Hiro: They sure had the right idea. And they even did it without RV’s! It really is beautiful.



Fenchurch: It’s so nice up here today – I’m glad Ms. Beamlette heard you and decided to take us for a ride up here. Smell the pine in the air, and listen to the wind sighing in the trees…

Hiro: I know… The pines where I live are rainforest pines, but it’s interesting to see the differences, and how stuff adapts to its climate…

Fenchurch: Kind of like us, hm?

Hiro: Yeah… just like all of us.


On further, and into the trees…


Hiro: There’s still some snow way up the cliff face up there – see it, Fenchurch?

Fenchurch: Oh yes!

Hiro: We still have snow in our mountains too. We can see it all year.

Fenchurch: Wonder how much longer ours’ll last, with this warm weather, and what it feels like up there… If we had wings like Hibou, we could find out!

Hiro: Want me to go back to the Strip and see if that Victoria’s Secret Angel will lend you hers? Kidding!! You KNOW I’d rather be here.



Meanwhile Inigo has been very quiet – we hardly know he’s with us…



**an owl shriek rends the air**

Hiro: Speak of the devil – er, bird, guess Hibou’s enjoying herself?

Fenchurch: Ms. Beamlette did let her out of the cage after we got out of the car – sounds like she hasn’t gone far, yet.

Tivadar: An owl’s cry in the day is not a good omen…

Hiro: At least we know what THIS omen portends.



Hibou: *hoooooo* - missed-woods-Hibou-maybe-hunting-better-? *hoo*



Inigo: Ah, Hibou – I see you are happy here, returning to woods, be they native or no –

Hibou: *hooooo* -happy-yes-is-Hibou—also-is-In-i-goooo-? *hoo-hoo*

Inigo: I wonder, Hibou, I wonder –



Inigo: I thought I wanted something different, something not of elves – but this little journey has brought back things I had forgotten, stirred memories I tried to bury…



Hibou: *hooooo* -dig-if-Hibou-were-you- *hoo* - dig - *hoo-ooo*



Inigo: *sigh* But where to dig… and what if I unearth something that was best left buried…



Hiro: What a terrific view out there – too bad we didn’t bring sleeping bags!

Fenchurch: Haha – think Ms. Beamlette would dare leave us here alone overnight? Even with Tivadar and Hibou and Inigo here –

Inigo: *siiiiigh*….

Hiro: Inigo would keep us awake with all his sighing!



Hiro: But what’s with all the trash around here, anyway? Why do people act so stupid when they’re in the great outdoors?

Inigo: Yes… *sigh*  there are disposable diapers over here, and an old sock… *sigh*

Fenchurch: I wish I knew, Hiro. Guess they just don’t think… some people shouldn’t go outside the city, if they won’t be responsible for themselves.



Hiro: Beamlette says we have to go now – so where’s Tivadar? Not that I’m really concerned, but –

Inigo: He said he wanted to check something he saw on his reconnaissance of the area before we left.

Fenchurch: I think he has something more mundane in mind *giggle*.

Hiro: Thanks for putting THAT image in my head, Fenchurch. Hope he doesn’t lose the car keys while he’s at it. *snerk*.



**owl shriek**

Hiro: Oh yeah – what about Hibou? I’m not volunteering to round her up, but –

Fenchurch: Oh – maybe Ms. Beamlette DID forget – or  --

Inigo: -- Maybe she trusts her to return home on her own…



Hibou: *hooooooo* -happy-is-Hibou-Ms.-Beam-lette-let-Hibou-nest-where-best!- *hoooo-hoo*!



Hiro and his dialogue provided by galatia9.


You didn’t think Hiro would escape THIS meeting during his visit? Guess who…


Whatever Happened To…



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