Whatever Happened To...

Posted May 16, 2007




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Hiro: *yawwwwn*… Hey, good mornin’, Fenchurch, I guess I was really beat after the trip to the mountains. Whatcha readin’?



Fabien: Just the latest about my stroke of luck, Hiro-boy! I made it back before you depart for the home fires, hon *grin*.

Hiro: GAAAAH! WHAT THE -- !! Who let you in here??



Fabien: I know my way around a lock, so no biggie there. I would really have hated to miss you – seems we were always the ships that pass in the night –

Hiro: How is it yours never sank? *shudder*



Fabien: Now hon – you know witches float, don’t you? Somehow, sometime, I would catch up with you, and that time is now –

Hiro: Are you -- touching –me -- ??



Hiro: BACK OFF! You’re not gonna touch me, or do anything else to me, hear? You may have been a tiny part of Fenchurch once, but you’re not now, and ONLY Fenchurch gets to do anything with me! You got that, you harpy??

Fabien: Whoa, Hiro-boy, relax – relax –



Hiro: DON’T tell me to relax.

Fabien: You know you’re gonna wait a LONG time ‘til Miss Angel does do anything with – or to – you?

Hiro: I can wait. For HER.



Fenchurch: Hiro, what’s going on – OH –you!  Hiro, are you all right?

Hiro: I am, Fenchurch. I don’t know who she thinks SHE’S trying to kid.

Fabien: Well, well, the Good Witch of the North and her flunky, come just in time to rescue sweet tender Hiro-boy. It’s been a while –



Hiro: Hey – who says I NEED rescuing?

Fenchurch: Looks like your little plan fell through. Go pummel Yev instead!

Fabien: *hisssssss* That tired old babushka!  Where’s the fun in that? He’s too happy when he screams.

Hiro: Go make someone HAPPY for a change, why don’t ya?



Fabien: And WHAT’S wrong with making ME happy with YOUR screams, hey?

Hiro: Oh, PLEASE! Not if I don’t make YOU scream first! I’ll start with yanking out that cheap imitation of Fenchurch’s curls you’re wearing --

Fenchurch: Oh Hiro, she’s so not worth it -- let’s both just ignore her –



Hiro: She’s not worth it, all right.

Fenchurch: Let’s go make some breakfast – waffles or pancakes?

Hiro: Can we have both?

Fabien: Fine! Just ignore me then – I hate breakfast, anyway.



Fabien: Oh well – didn’t someone somewhere say, “Tomorrow’s another day?”

Tivadar: I heard this on that strange box you call tee-vee… some woman called Scarlett said it…



Fabien: Ah yes – and did she ever get her victim – er , man  back that she really wanted?

Tivadar: I do not know – the story ended there. But – you remind me of yet another story I saw on the tee-vee box…

Fabien: And it was -- ?



Tivadar: It was called, “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” Most grotesque. *shudder* I leave you now, madam. **exits**

Fabien: Heh – Bette Davis… now there’s moxie!





A truly *SHORT* subject! …>>> (Hiro and Fenchurch)

Posted May 16, 2007



Hiro: I see you’re still wearing the shorts I gave you for Christmas, Fenchurch.

Fenchurch: But of course – I told you I loved them, and they always remind me of you *giggle*.



Hiro: Aw geez – I hope it isn’t because they’ve got short guys all over them.

Fenchurch: But what else would they be when they’re on SHORTS, Hiro, hm?



Hiro: You know, at MY house, I’m not all that short. I can’t help it if everyone here is affected by the WATER.

Fenchurch: Hiro… the only boy at your house shorter than you is Luke. And he’s SEVEN.



Hiro: So what are you saying? Should I have bought you LONG pants with TANCREDIS all over them? *grumble*

Fenchurch: *giggles* Oh, come on, Hiro, you know that I’d feel the same about you no matter how short – er, I mean, TALL you are.



Fenchurch: You can’t hide that smile from me.

Hiro: Why do I have the sudden urge to go put on some JEANS??



BIG thanks to Aisy for Fabien’s wig! And EVEN bigger thanks to galatia9 for sending dear Hiro into the lion’s den – er, to the beamlette household!


All good things must come to an end, and so Hiro must go back to galaltia9. Fenchurch came with, up to Clara in OR’s turf, resulting in the next three stories, with my pics in two, and galatia9’s dialog in all.


You call THIS a history lesson?



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