You call THIS a history lesson??

Posted May 23, 2007 by beamlette and galatia9




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Fenchurch: You're Etienne Gavreau, aren't you? I've heard about you from Shulamith and Nai.
Gavreau: Oh GOD... like this weekend could get any worse. You're that snot-nosed punk's girlfriend, aren't you?
Fenchurch: *eyes narrow* You mean Hiro? Yes, he's my boyfriend. I don't appreciate that very much.
Gavreau: What's your name, anyway, blondie?
Fenchurch: Fenchurch Amick, thanks. Nice to meet you too... *wryly* I THINK.



Gavreau: So... what are you bothering me for?
Fenchurch: I'm... HEY! That was rude. Don't go out of your way for ME or anything.
Gavreau: *remembers Trevor's advice* Oh... er... what did you want to speak to me about? *grits teeth*
Fenchurch: *hmph* That was VAGUELY sincere. I just wanted to ask you a little about your past. I'm interested in history, and thought you might like to give me some insight about what life was like back then. Just reading about it or watching it on TV is kind of unsatisfying.
Gavreau: It's ancient history, hon, why does it matter to you?



Fenchurch: Well... I can get in touch with the past from artifacts and first-hand written accounts, but how often can a person get to actually TALK to someone who lived it? It's a great opportunity.
Gavreau: Yeah, I lived it, all right. The stories I could tell you... sheesh. They would blow your knickers off.
Fenchurch: *dubious* Uh... yeah, sure. Nai said he was an ancient Greek. Maybe... you could tell me about a particularly memorable experience you had?
Gavreau: Babe, I shouldn't have to TELL you. Surely you've read about me in your history books?



Fenchurch: Really??
Gavreau: Sure!! I'm positive you've read about my famous exploits as a Roman centurion.
Fenchurch: Maybe I have! What was your name?
Gavreau: Gloriosus. Miles Gloriosus.
Fenchurch: *dubious* Hmmm... I don't remember anyone by that -- hey, wait a minute!! I saw a show –



Gavreau: *interrupts* And my wife, no doubt you heard of her too? She was from a royal bloodline. Her name was Incontinentia...
Fenchurch: Inconti...nentia...?
Gavreau: Incontinentia Buttocks. Google it when you get home.



Fenchurch: *fed up* Sheesh! Okay, smart guy, thanks for nothing. Here you have a chance to help someone LEARN about what life was like back then, and you make it all a big joke.
Gavreau: Come back when you have more time to chat, hon.



Gavreau: Nice ass! Thanks for the rear view!

Fenchurch: ! ! !



Fenchurch: *kicks him hard in the shins*

Gavreau: GAAAAHH!! You evil little !$%#^&!!!

Fenchurch: Betcha miss your greaves now, dontcha???



Thanks to galatia9 for the story, and that’ll teach Fen to think you can have any sort of conversation with Gavreau.


Somehow Ulf came with Fenchurch, and of course he won’t let Hiro have any peace:


The littlest rival…



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