The littlest rival...

Posted May 23, 2007 by beamlette and galatia9




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Hiro: *sighh* Fenchurch... did you ever have a feeling that something bad was going to happen?
Fenchurch: Sometimes. I think everyone does, now and then. Why do you ask?
Hiro: I just have this weird ominous feeling...
Ulf: heh heh heh... *aims*



Hiro: Hey!!!
Ulf: Wook, it's a bwock!
Hiro: Fenchurch, did you see that?? He was going to chuck that block at my HEAD!!
Fenchurch: Hiro, he was NOT! He's just a little kid. He only wanted to show it to you. Thank you, Ulf!



Hiro: Gimme that, you little brat, before you hurt someone!
Ulf: No! MY bwock! You can just WOOK at it.
Fenchurch: Hiro, don't! He's only playing.
Hiro: *hmph* I'll show him MY idea of playing.
Fenchurch: Besides, that little block wouldn't hurt YOUR head much anyway. *snerk*




Laurelin: Who's a cutie pie? *dips Ulf*

Ulf: *giggles*
Tancredi: Mon Dieu -- ze noi-ses zat lee-tle ur-chin makes!



Laurelin: *laughs* I know who the cutie pie is!! Is it... youuuuu? *tickles*

Ulf: *giggles*

Tancredi: Pie ees NOT cute -- eet ees home-lee pastry.



Still later:

Ulf: *plays drums* Boom boom boom!!
Hiro: $!#%^&! Don't touch the HAIR!! Fenchurch!! Would you call off your little rugrat please??
Fenchurch: *tries to hear what Chance is saying from across the room* What? Chance, I can't hear you over the bongos! WHAT??



Fenchurch: So tell me, Nai, what was Odysseus REALLY like?
Hiro: GOTCHA, you little munchkin!!
Ulf: Noooo!!! No no no no no!! *squeals*
Hiro: Finally!! Someone is going to learn a lesson now!!
Tancredi: Ah, M'sieur 'Iro, I do not theenk you weel get much sel out of ze petit garcon's 'ead no matter 'ow you shake eet.



Ulf: *cries* Waaaaah!! Fennnnnnn!!!
Fenchurch: HIRO!! *elbows Hiro in the head*
Hiro: OWW!! Whaaaaat???



Ulf: *cries*
Fenchurch: Shame on you, Hiro! He's just a little kid!!
Hiro: $!#%^&!
Fenchurch: And watch your mouth in front of him.



Fenchurch: Come here, honey...

Ulf: *cries* Fennnnn, Hiwo's a big MEANIE!!

Fenchurch: I know, honey... it's okay.

Nai: *smirks*

Hiro: *softly* $!#%^&!



Thanks to galatia9 for the story.


Hiro wonders if that little contretemps with the brat has had an adverse effect on his relationship with Fenchurch:


Splendor revisited? Hiro doesn't think so...



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