Splendor revisited? Hiro doesn’t think so...

Posted May 24, 2007 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Hiro: Hey Fenchurch... um...
Fenchurch: *silent*
Hiro: Fenchurch... are... are you still mad at me?



Fenchurch: *sigh* No, Hiro... I wasn't mad at you before.
Hiro: It sure SEEMED like you were.
Fenchurch: I may have been a little upset... but I wasn't mad AT you. Honest.



Hiro: Then... why did you yell at me? I wasn't hurting Ulf, I just flipped him upside down.
Fenchurch: Hiro, that's not why I got upset. Ulf is just a little boy. I know it's hard for you to have patience with him. He's barely 4 years old, and his 10-year old brother isn't too patient with him either. They've both had a rough time of it so far in their lives. So you see... he's not too different from you... is he?
Hiro: *uneasy* I guess not. Linda said something similar to me when Luke first came home to live with us. I was so used to being her center of attention back then, and it was hard for me to share, I guess. I was so glad to finally have a real home of my own that I started to take things for granted.



Fenchurch: Oh, Hiro... it's understandable. I know how you must have felt. I know what it's like to sometimes feel ungrounded and uncertain and alone. But you don't have to worry about that any more... and hopefully, neither does Ulf.
Hiro: But... he's so... bratty!
Fenchurch: *giggles* Hiro, he's probably not much different than YOU were at his age!
Hiro: *wryly* I bet he IS.
Fenchurch: Let me put it this way. You told me that Luke is behaving much better now than he did when he first came home, right?
Hiro: Yeah...



Fenchurch: Well, obviously you and everyone else in the house have been a good influence on him. And... don't you think that maybe the same thing will happen with Ulf?
Hiro: But some of the influences at YOUR house --
Fenchurch: Yes, I know not everyone there is perfect. But since Ulf and Maeby are the same age, undoubtedly he'll be spending time with Chance too... and with beamlette, and with ME. So don't you think Ulf has a pretty darn good shot at improving too?



Hiro: I sure HOPE so... he couldn't get much WORSE.
Fenchurch: I promise I'll do MY best, and I know Chance will do his. And there are other people there who will help take good care of him. Believe me, Hiro, I don't want YOU getting beaned with a block! I want Ulf to be a good boy too.



Fenchurch: A good boy just like YOU.

Hiro: *teases* You think I'M a good boy?

Fenchurch: Hiro... I happen to know first hand... that YOU are a very, VERY good boy...



Hiro: Correct me if I'm wrong, but... don't good boys always get what they deserve?
Fenchurch: *giggles* No, Hiro, it's unfair, but sometimes they don't.
Hiro: Not even THIS good boy?



Fenchurch: Well... maybe I could make an exception in YOUR case.

Hiro: And I'm very GOOD at pleading my case... aren't I?

Fenchurch: Oh, Hiro... you sure ARE.



Hiro: Fenchurch, I promise, no matter what... I'll do my best to be good for you.
Fenchurch: Hiro... I never doubted that. Not once.



Many thanks to galatia9 for the story and pictures.


I think no lasting harm was done… J


There was also a meet-up at Jay’s house, with glimpses of Hiro and Fenchurch with other resins, and the Sparrows having a go at flying –


A few of my pics from Jay’s meet-up…



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