A few of my pics from Jay’s meet-up...

Posted May 22, 2007




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Fenchurch loves to see Frank’s Mercedez, one of her few fellow Happydolls around –

Suddenly Hiro finds himself out of the loop…



Even worse! – now the big girls ooo and awwww over a little girl – DE’s Cricket!



Now this really burns his biscuit – a little BOY! Kobay looking for someone to play catch.



And Frank at work – shooting Persephone, who is shooting pics of the kids.



There was even something for the Sparrows to do –

Buddha Girl: Eh, Ms. Jay, dis nice of you to let us FLY in you backyard!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we loop de loop for you.

Tragic Plum: Oh Ms. Jay… do you have some teeny barf bags, too?... oooooh….


All in all a good time was had by dolls and humans alike – Thanks again, Jay!!!



And Shakkyo and Zimta are seen cavorting at McMinnville’s annual Alien Ball (why doesn’t that surprise us -- ?)


Small rowdy aliens seen at the McMinnville Aliens Ball



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