Lost And Found

Posted October 6, 2008




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Little Boy: **playing with figure in diving suit** We’re goinunnerwater now…



Hyacinth: Don’t even bother to explain – I’ve heard enough! –

Desmond: Eh, that’s what you ALWAYS say – you never listen to begin with –

Little Boy: Swimswimswimswim



Tancredi: ♪Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques/Dormez vous, dormez vous…♫

Little Boy: *coff-coff* Ew, that stinks



Little Boy: Down… down… he goes to the bottom…



Vivienne: *to self*…Ah well, if I cannot find where Bouddie is hiding, I shall just have to drink both myself… which is not a bad idea at all, nooo

Little Boy: Now we’re onna bottom of the ocean…



Little Boy: There’s lotsa rocks… and crabs… he’s lookin’… where’s that treasure?...



Little Boy: Uh-oh, there’s an oc-topus – watch out, Mister Diver –

Fenchurch: Ulf, we’ve looked all over the house for your diving man – are you sure you didn’t take it outside somewhere?

Winslow: Yeah, Ulf – or maybe one of your friends “borrowed” it?

Ulf: Nuh-uh… OH!



Ulf: Who’re you, an’ why you got MY man? You better gimme it NOW!

Little Boy: Huh? I found it – I’m just playin’, is all –

Fenchurch: Uh-oh, who’s there? –



Fenchurch: Just a minute, Ulf –

Ulf: But – he STOLE my man! An’ I NEVER saw him before dis! --

Little Boy: I didn’ STEAL – I found it, fair’n’square!

Fenchurch: Shhhh, Ulf, be patient; I need to talk to our little visitor first –



Fenchurch: Sweetie, what’s your name? Mine is Fenchurch.

Little Boy: Ummm, I’m Kyo

Fenchurch: What’s your last name – and where do you live? I’ll bet your mom is worried, if she doesn’t know where you are.



Kyo: I… I don’ remember… all I know, my name is Kyo

Fenchurch: That’s a very nice name, Kyo. But why are you saying you can’t remember?

Kyo: Um… I dunno. I jus’ know I was here all a sudden, an’ I found the diver man, so I thought I’d play wit’ him, is all…



Fenchurch: Well, I’m glad we found you, then. Do you feel OK?

Kyo: Um, uh-huh… I think…

Fenchurch: Do you hurt anywhere?

Kyo: No… no hurt. Jus’… don’ remember some things… but – I think I’m hungry.

Ulf: I ‘member – that’s MY man *pout*.



Fenchurch: Well, sweetie, you can stay here until we find out where you’re supposed to be. Let’s give back Ulf’s diving man, and I’ll get you something to eat, OK?

Kyo: OK… you’re so nice… I like you – Fenchurch *smile*.

Fenchurch: *laughs* I think I like you, too, Kyo.



Fenchurch: C’mon, Kyo, let’s get you something to eat – maybe cereal, or a sandwich?

Kyo: Mmm, sandwich, please!

Fenchurch: Will do! Ulf, don’t lose your diving man again!

**Fen and Kyo exit**



Ulf: HUH! Don’ wan’ STUPID man annymore!

**kicks toy**



Winslow: HehKyo’d better watch his back.



Sharing just isn’t Ulf’s thing!


Meantime, Elfride settles in to the House of Beamlette – sort of…


Elfride may not be a *morning* person



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