Elfride may not be a *morning* person

Posted October 20, 2008




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Junco: Ah, here is our guest, Inigo – good morning, Elfride -- did you rest well?

Elfride: Good morning! Yes – I did! Not that I mind travel, but – I was more tired than I thought. Slept like a log, really.

Inigo: Good morning, Elfride. I am Inigo, and honored to meet you at last.



Elfride: I see you are also an Elf; how do you cope with Miss Tabitha in this household?

Inigo: So you too have felt her wrath -- I confess to giving her a wide berth, myself! As much as is possible – and is also ironic, as I truly wish to downplay my Elven heritage. Indeed, it was the reason for my staying here.

Junco: It is indeed an irony, Elfride, that while you delve for your Elven roots, Inigo wishes to bury his.



Elfride: I am sorry that Inigo doesn’t feel comfortable with his roots… and even though I do wish to know more of mine, I sometimes wonder what purpose will it serve, and if I will have regrets for doing so. Will I be strong enough to accept whatever challenges it may bring? And yet, I do not want to go forever blind to the truth –

Junco: I think it speaks well that you do have doubts, and express them. You will be the better prepared to deal with whatever you find out.

Inigo: I agree; temper enthusiasm with a modicum of forethought.



Zephyrus: Greetings, Mistress Junco, Inigo, and our guest – Mistress Elfride! Shall I bring some tea for your refreshment this fine morning?

Elfride: OH! A centaur!

Junco: It would be most welcome, Zephyrus; you are always thoughtful in that regard. Do not mind Elfride; she was not prepared for the diversity of this household *smile*. And hello to Ms. Plum, who we trust is well this morning, also.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh… yes, thank you, Ms. Junco… even I’m still not prepared, and I’ve been here EVER so long… ooooh

Zephyrus: Haha, no offense taken, Ms. Elfride. I understand that not everyone has had the good fortune to see my kind. I shall bring the promised tea forthwith! **exits**



Elfride: I – I’m sorry to have been so, um, silly – but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a – well, a mythical figure like that! He – he seems very congenial and understanding…

Inigo: Oh yes, Zephyrus is a most sensible and companionable fellow, and he always behaves with good humor. I wish I could be as level-headed as he.

Junco: Regarding Zephyrus, Inigo is correct. Besides, you have lived among mortals for most of your life, and would have had little occasion to meet with other such folk, so your reaction is not unusual. Do not worry over it.



Zephyrus: **returning** Besides the tea – a fine green one – I took the liberty of bringing fruit as well. Shall I pour?

Junco: Thank you, Zephyrus – I will assume that task, since I have a favor to ask of you – will you please tell Zimta that I would have her come out to the patio, to meet our guest?

Zephyrus: Aye, that I will gladly do – I believe I saw her in the backyard, a little while ago. **exits**



Junco: Elfride, I believe it is time you met Zimta, a dear friend. Mind you, she can be, shall we say, a little idiosyncratic --

Inigo: *chuckle* Just a little!

Junco: Now, now, Inigo! But she has a most kind and open heart, which I feel you will come to appreciate –

Inigo: Do not mind me; but I do not disagree with Junco. You will like her, when all is said and done.

Elfride: Well, if I can meet Zephyrus, then surely Zimta will be no problem *smile*.



Zimta: Here be Zimta, as told by Master Zephyrus, for to meet guest distinguished and Elven also –

Junco: Yes, Zimta, this is Elfride, of whom I spoke to you a few days ago. Do sit with us, and join the conversation, but recall that I did say though she is Elven, she was not raised as thus, so as of yet is not familiar with all lore and customs that pertain.

Elfride: I am pleased to meet you, Zimta, and look forward to becoming better acquainted. What a lovely bird you have there!

Zimta: Greetings, oh Elfride – happy am I to you befriend. Never can one too many friends have, say I. Happily shall I tell you of this bird remarkable!



Elfride: He looks very sweet as well – what is his name?

Zimta: Niku, he is – a bird swear I hath great magick, come from land far east and west. Gift was he from friend great and noble –

Elfride: He certainly looks exotic. Here-here, pretty birdy

Niku: ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku...



Zimta: **sudden move** Gift was he from friend SHAKKYO, like LION is friend Shakkyo, powerful, wise! Knew Niku that, and happily did he come with friend Shakkyo to humble mine’s delight, that always am I reminded of the Great Lion!

Niku: ni-ku! ni-ku!

Elfride: **startled** Oh! A lion? **imagines yet another mythical creature**



Zimta: Fear not! Wise is friend Shakkyo, and hurt you never would he –

Junco: He is most human, I assure you, Elfride. It is his style to appear like a lion in Japanese theatre, is all. He carries it off quite well.

Elfride: I see… pardon yet another overreaction – I shall get used to this – eventually…



Elfride: And, um, how did you meet this Shakkyo, Zimta? Does he live here -- ?

Zimta: Alas, no – far away in state other, house other dwells the Lion. Surprised me he did with visit, when returned he from lands far and wide **waves hand**. By miracle of The Internet, communicate we may with ease, and flow do the words of friend Shakkyo, that learn may I yet more of his wisdom great and customs revered –



Zimta: Meantime treasure I companionship of Niku, and think always and kindly of friend Shakkyo – sweet birdy-birdy-birdy is my Niku-Niku-Niku -- **trails off into an Elven song**

Niku: ni-ku-ni-ku

Elfride: That’s sweet… I think.

Junco: As they say, it will grow on you *chuckle*…



Hibou: **swoops down** hoo-HOO!-morsel-sweet-and-white-MINE!- hoo-hoo!

Inigo: Oh no! –

Niku: ni-KU!-ni-KU!-ni-KUUUU!

Zimta: OH! NO, NO, NO! Friend Hibou! Eat not Niku, NO, NO, NO!

Elfride: **lets out little shriek** Who – WHAT – is that? Oh Junco!

Junco: Shhh, shhh – be calm – ‘tis just Hibou



We’re used to Hibou, but imagine Elfride’s surprise!


As befits Halloween’s month, Varius and Arsinoe made the cover of Realm of Resin’s E-zine


Endless Love



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