Some TRICKIN’ and some TREATIN’

Posted October 30, 2008




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Alma Kielbaugh is new to the neighborhood, and is looking forward to Halloween and seeing what sort of trick-or-treaters arrive on her doorstep…


Alma: *to self* There – ready with the candy, before I’ve eaten it all, haha!




Alma: Just in time, too – there’s my first trick-or-treaters!




Alma: Oooooh, I’d be scared, if you weren’t all so darn cute! I’m all ready for you – but first you tell me what you’re all supposed to be!



Bliss: I’m a Japanese princess!

Kyo: I’m an E-gyptian pharaoh!

Ulf: I’m SUPERMAN! And I can beat you ALL up, and get ALL the candy!!!

Frida: Nuh-UH! Fen’urch’n Chance’ll MAKE you give it all back!

Fenchurch: Ulf, settle down, or we’ll be having a little talk, instead of candy!

Chance: And “we” means both Fen and me, Ulf.

Maeby: Oh, nice lady, we sorry Ulf bein’ so bad! I’m jus’ a little kittycat Lowita. I won’t be mean… me-ow!

Alma: Awww, don’t worry, little Kitty *chuckle*.



Chance: *to Fenchurch* Boy, am I glad Ms. Beamlette didn’t make me wear a costume… say, does that lady look kinda familiar?

Fenchurch: *to Chance* Haha, yeah… I just humor Ms. Beamlette; it’s easier. Now that you mention it, that lady does remind me of somebody…



**shuts door**

Alma: Cute kids… hmmmm, that older girl in the Swiss Miss costume… who DOES she look like?...




Alma: Huh – I was pretty sure it rang – but I don’t see anyone –

Buddha Girl: Hey, tall lady – look down HERE!



Alma: Oh! My, you’ve even smaller than the last group! That’s a really nice horse costume, young man –

Zephyrus: Thank you very much, lady of the house – but that is not part of my costume; I am a genuine centaur!

Buddha Girl: Yeh – believe me, it REAL! We been watchin’ out for the DOODY all day long!

Angry Sparrow: What you complainin’ ‘bout – I hafta carry dis big ol’ bag over it *grumpgrump*.

Alma: Really -- ! But that’s sweet of you to carry the little bee on your back *giggle*.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes… I’m too tired to fly… ooooh




Young Tabitha, Chance and Quade: TRICKERTREAT!

Alma: Hi there – um, little girl, are you okay?

Young Chance: Tabby, I TOLD you, we’re gonna get in trouble if you don’t stand up!

Young Quade: I told you not to bring her – she’s always dorkin’ up things *snort*.



Young Tabitha: It’s like this, m’am – you took so long to answer the door, that my blood sugar plummeted, an’ I couldn’t stand any more. I’ll be WAY better when you give me more candy than my brother an’ his EVEN dorkier friend here!

Young Chance: Real nice, Tabby – get us in even MORE trouble, and maybe NO candy –

Alma: *stifles a laugh* Don’t worry – I know the rules, and don’t want any tricks – there’s plenty of treats for all of you.

Tabby: Thank you, m’am… *to Young Quade* Nyahhhhh!

Yong Quade: Yeah, thanks, m’am… *to Young Tabitha* You’re STILL a dork!




Young Gobnait, Kenzo and Oona: TRICK OR TREATTTT!!!

Alma: What nice costumes! I see Red Riding Hood, and a Samurai with an authentic-looking sword, and – ummm – I’m not sure about yours, sweetie –



Young Gobnait: That’s because MINE is more imaginative! I’m a tattooed Goth Lady Godiva, is what I am *throws out chest*.

Alma: I see – yes, I’d say that’s very imaginative *giggle*.

Young Oona: Pffft! You wore that to school. All you did was take off your skirt.

Young Kenzo: Ignore them, m’am, please – besides, we have a LOT more houses to go to. *sigh* A good Samurai’s sense of duty is always being tested… *fingers sword hilt*




Yannick, Lars and Kiku: TRICK OR TREAT!

Alma: You are all so cute! –



Lars: M’am, don’t EVER call a VAMPIRE cute! That’s grounds for a real bitin’!

Yannick: That’s okay, m’am, I’ll take his part of the cute compliment, and whatever candy goes with *smile*.

Alma: Oh, pardon me, Lord Vampire – YOU are perfectly scary! Though I did have garlic with dinner, so I’m not too worried.

Kiku: I think he’s cute, even when he ISN’T being a vampire *giggle*.

Lars: SHHHH, Kiku, you’re blowinmy  cover *blush*!



**ding-dong, ding-dong**

Alma: What the -- ? *indignant* Aren’t you a little BIG to be trick-or-treating, Mister?

Third Eye Blind: It depends – on the candy. You look like a pretty sweet treat, Amazon.

Alma: You are SO not getting ANYthing, bucko!



Third Eye Blind: Eh, maybe not THIS time around… but a shinigami collects… eventually!

Alma: Pfft! Nice costume, but that’s where it ends – scram!

Third Eye Blind: No problem – I’ll be back. As to when, that’ll be my little secret *wink*. Ta-ta!




Alma: Nice neighborhood! *shudder*



You ain’t seen nothin’, yet, sweetie.


Speaking of seeing things…





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