Posted October 31, 2008




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While I was sitting at Mimi’s today, trying to decide what to get for breakfast…


Moth: Dey gots punkin pancakes – see? You should get dat, ‘cause it’s Halloweenie month!

Me: Moth! Sweetie, did you ride ALL the way here by yourself?



Moth: Sure I did – how else I gets here?

Me: *sigh* When I got you that tricycle yesterday, I meant for you to use it ONLY in the backyard, NOT on the open road! Oh well, at least you’re wearing your costume, which is orange, like a traffic cone…



Moth: Well… I gots ta go. I pwomised take-out punkin pancakes ta Lovechild, an’ she’s waitin’ back home.

Me: Goodness – I don’t know whether to be glad that Lovechild stayed home, or that she shouldn’t have let you go alone! All right then, sweetie, you be careful, and get right back home – I’ll be along in a little bit.

Moth: No pwoblem – I knows a shorts-cut. Bye!



Not to worry, she did make it back home all right, and the pancakes, too – though Lovechild complained they were *cold*. J


It’s been a while since I humiliated – er, featured Shulamith, and for this holiday, no less –


Now, Shulamith, you look *bewitching*



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