Now, Shulamith, you look *bewitching*

Posted October 31, 2008




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Me: When I bought this outfit, I thought of you, sweetie!

Shulamith: Gee, thanks. And now the world’s going to know, as well *hmph*.

Me: And Gavreau, of course.

Shulamith: Like he doesn’t think that, already…



Waramon: **passing by** Ah, what have we here – I do love magic!

Shulamith: Oh cr*p, it’s the fairy dust princess…



Shulamith: You SO owe me, Ms. Beamlette… *glare*



Shulamith: Look, you, don’t go getting any ideas. Move along, nothing to see or do – even though I know you’ll do anything.

Waramon: No need to be defensive, dusky Shu. When I see beauty, I must take a closer look, is all… *creepsy fingers*



Shulamith: Ms. Beamlette, why’re you just standin’ there watching? Do something!

Me: Now, Shu, just ignore him, and he’ll get bored and leave – eventually.

Waramon: Oh, but I’m not at ALL bored -- ! Mmmmm!



Shulamith: Back off, you butt pirate! If I have to, I’ll use this wand, and not in the way you’d want!

Waramon: Now, now, Shu dear – please let’s save the beating for later, like dessert, shall we?



Waramon: You seem to be undone -- I will help you here with this button – and this one – and –

Shulamith: I warned you – don’t touch the goods! **BONK**




Shulamith: What ho – it IS a real wand! This get-up has its perks, after all –

Waramon: I seem to have contracted a case of déjà vu -- if only it worked for the times I DID enjoy…



Shulamith: Showed you, toad prince –

Waramon: I believe the precise term is “frog”, dear lovely Shu – and you know that means that a kiss would turn the tide of my fortunes, and back to my former sweet self. If you would be so kind –

Shulamith: You oughtta know better, I’m the LAST person you should be asking for kindness! I sure brought you down to size, haha!



Shulamith: Well, one good deed for the day – I’m outta here – so long, frog-face!

Waramon: *sigh* Such a lovely view, and me in no condition to properly enjoy it -- !



Waramon: *another sigh* Well, now, what to do, what to do… though I was fortunate enough last year to have a benefactor come to my rescue… I must think positively… yes…



Buddha Girl: Eh, Frog – dat nice crown you got! Bet dat mean you top-notch eatin’!

Waramon: …And so history repeats itself – cruel, cruel Fate!


We’ve been down this path before – follow the link for the prequel! --

Warts And All...


Shu’s blue magic outfit is by Charie Wilson.



No frogs were harmed in the making of this story, honest!


We conclude the holiday with a haunting vignette –


The Siren’s Song -- Keziah the Vampire



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