The Siren’s Song – Keziah the Vampire

Posted October 31, 2008




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Keziah is one of Varius’ fledglings, an upper-class maiden from Regency England



Fond of balls and parties, she enjoys celebrating Halloween, especially for the opportunity to wear this fetching ensemble…



All eyes gravitated to her then… and continue to do so to this day…



Her ability to flirt still serves her well.



She allows him a few liberties…



Which is only fair, in exchange for hers…



…A pity he cannot hear her song.

Keziah: ♪Oh, my love is like / A red red rose…♫


Keziah is a WS CP vampire elf Nanuri 2007, with face-up and mods by our very own Ange;

 her gown is by the wonderfully talented Sheri in OR.



And on that happy *note*, Halloween ushers itself out.


Poor Elfride, she needed to retreat to her room, after that morning surprise –


A Shock to the System



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