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Posted February 11, 2009




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Chance: Tabby – you’ve got to stop acting like this –

Tabitha: Hmmmmph!

Young Tabitha: *to dolls* Shhh, here come my noisy ol’ older self ‘n’ brother – just ‘nore them…



Tabitha: **flops on her bed** Why? No one listens to me, anyway *grump*.

Chance: And you think they will if you keep acting this way, not making any sense? And locking me in closets?



Tabitha: I make perfect sense – as Hell Girl!

Chance: You’re the one with the grievances. I’m just glad pulling a red thread won’t make any of your revenge dreams come true – it’d get messy around here. Seriously… why do you keep going on about the Elves here – they haven’t done anything to anybody, that I know of –



Young Tabitha: *to dolls* Wonner what they’re talkin’ about, huh, --

Tabitha: Yeah – that YOU know of! Elves are tricksy #@%$… you should know that! I don’t understand why you stand up for them all the time, when –

Chance: When what?

Tabitha: YOU know what, and when! YOU know!



Young Tabitha: Huh…

Chance: Tabby… not all Elves are, as you put it, “tricksy”. Besides, how could we be sure they really were Elves? They didn’t exactly dress like someone out of Tolkien –

Tabitha: Yeah, and grown people go around with pointy ears! Not outside of a fantasy con, like those yahoos were *sneer*.



Chance: They weren’t exactly flaunting their ears, I didn’t think – how could you see them? Are you sure you weren’t imagining that –

Tabitha: I KNOW pointy ears when I see ‘em! And they sure had them. This one doink had a looooooong-a** pair, when he took off his hat. Honestly… what the #@%$ was Dad doing with those crazy #@%$? How the heck did he get mixed up with them?

Chance: I’m not sure… I think it started out OK, and seemed all above-board, but…



Tabitha: Yeah, and now where’s Mom and Dad? Here we are, in a stranger’s house -- *sigh* I miss ‘em

Chance: I know – I do, too… I guess they didn’t have much choice. Ms. Beamlette does what she can for us. At least we do have a home; there’s a lot of kids that don’t have one, let alone parents or family –



Young Tabitha: **listening**…

Tabitha: There YOU go again, trying to make it sound OK that we’re here! I’m tired of it. I want to go back to our old home, and our old life *sulk*.

Chance: *deep sigh* Tabitha – what is, is – we have to make the best of it. It’s not that bad. Think about the future, instead, and what you can do to make things better, why don’t you?



Chance: For now, anyway, please cool it on the Hell Girl thing, will you? Try something else, anyway. Something that doesn’t involve locking me in a closet, while you’re at it.

Tabitha: *thinking*… Hmmm… sure. I can do that… Hell Girl can take a sabbatical, so to speak *snerk*! You won’t have to be scared of closets.

Chance: Fine, then -- well, I’d better go check on Maeby, and give Allegra a break. And I’ll give Ms. Beamlette a heads-up, too.

Tabitha: Sure – throw her a bone *snicker*.



Chance: *to self* Of course I don’t trust her when she seems to give in so easily… but what else can I do. Just have to watch her and see what happens. It’d be entertaining if it were on TV, I guess…



Young Tabitha: There’s gotta be something I can do… so Mom’n’Dad don’t go away!...



At least we know a little more about Tabby’s Elf antipathy – just a little.


Valentine’s Day certainly doesn’t go unobserved around here, though the details can be sordid –


My *Pervy* Valentine



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