My *Pervy* Valentine

Posted February 12, 2009




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Tarquin: Well, hel-LO, Gobnait! I brought you some red roses, but of course you put them to shame. You are one fine American Beauty yourself.

Gobnait: Mmm, keep talkin’, Hunkalicious – it adds to the mood *chuckle*.



Tarquin: It won’t be all talk tonight, you know – but we have to start somewhere. Besides, I’m in no hurry – and there’s more than one course –

Gobnait:  Uh-huh… I know what you mean – though I know I’ll like your dessert *smile*.



Tarquin: Yeah – there’s that saying, isn’t there, about life being uncertain, so eat dessert first. But think about what you might miss in between *wink*.

Gobnait: You make a good case for balanced meals, Tarq honey – so, let’s get started –



Waramon: There you are, Gobby, my ghostly paramour – don’t you look like a raspberry trifle in that frock! I could just eat you up, and no need for the spoon. Where are you and your astoundingly handsome escort off to?

Gobnait: Just a little Valentine’s dinner, dancing, and trifling, my big galoot. See you around –

Tarquin: Uh-huh -- like the lady said, see you around, Stretch. Don’t bother waiting up for us.



Waramon: Gobby, my smoothly-frosted Bundt cake, you’ll catch your death out there tonight; take my fur wrap, to keep your milky bust warm –

Gobnait: Mmm, OK… that does feel cozy *snuggle* --

Tarquin: Eh, she won’t be needing that -- I don’t need any help keeping this tamale nice and hot, chum!



Waramon: I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a little good-bye kiss, wouldn’t I, sweetums *smooooooch-smoooooooooch*…

Gobnait: You are SO thoughtful, ya big lug *smoooooooooooch-smooch*…

Tarquin: I TOLD you, I don’t need ANY help warmin’ up this dish tonight – cut it out!



Tarquin: Y’know, I understand that Gobnait’s a hot commodity, and I’m not her only squeeze, but for ONE night, is it too much to expect, when you’re doing the formal thing?

Gobnait: Hmmm?...

Waramon: Hmmm…



Waramon: It is SO selfish of me, Tarquin – you know I usually am a very generous, sharing sort of person – and I would not deprive you of my dearest Gobnait for the world – DO accept my sincere apology *hug*… *feel*…

Tarquin: Yeah, sure… HEY! Watch those hands! I’m not into guys, especially YOU!

Gobnait: We call them his “Magic Fingers” – y’know, like those massaging motel beds –



Gobnait: Calm down now, hon – at least he didn’t suggest a three-way. We’ll leave that for another day. Now let’s get going –

Tarquin: Nuh-UH. He may act girly, but I prefer my three-ways with all REAL girls!

Waramon: I suggest that old American saying – “Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it”, big boy – mmmm…. Happy Valentine’s Day…



And for the fun of it, this post-production shot – our players remain in character – or lack thereof…


Tarquin: I’m warninya, Stretch – I’ll break those fingers, and a lot more, if ya don’t keep ‘em to yourself!

Waramon: You are SUCH a tease, Tarquin *feely-feel*…

Gobnait: Heh, you BOTH are! *pat-pat*


Gobnait’s lovely silk frock is by Jillianne Brown/Red Lion, and red bead necklace is by orangebabydolly. Tarquin’s suit is by Devon/Aznbutterfly. Waramon’s styling is, of course, by him *snerk*. He does thank Clara for the fur stole *wink*. And BIG thanks to ShellyL for the wall art!



Who do you think had the BEST Valentine’s Day?


For those of my kids with sweethearts far away, the day is bittersweet, even with the exchange of long-distance greetings…


Happy Valentine’s Day to my Kaida



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