“Happy MOMMY’S Day!”

Posted May 10, 2009




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For a refresher on Tryphena and Corbin, see: Girl Talk - and talk - and talk


In Corbin’s room…



…we find him busy…



…with a special project…



Meanwhile, his mother deals with paperwork from the office, even though it’s Sunday… and Mother’s day…



Tryphena: *sigh*…



…I’ve read the same page over three times… I can’t seem to focus…



…I need a break – but what?



Corbin: Mommy – I got somethin’, for YOU – for Mommy’s Day –



Tryphena: Have you? – Let’s see, then, my little man, if you please –

Corbin: Here you go, Mommy –



Tryphena: Oh – my… sweetie… this – this is very good…

Corbin: It’s YOU, Mommy – that’s why it’s really, really good!



Tryphena: Thank you so much, Corbin – how did you know, this is exactly what I needed?

Corbin: I asked Cor’zon what she thought I should get you, an’ she said if I MADE you somethin’, that it’d be the best thing I could do – so that’s what I did.

Tryphena: Aw, hon – come get up on Momma’s lap –



Tryphena: So – Corazon said to make me something. That was very smart of her to say so (hmmm, I should give her a raise *chuckle*).

Corbin: Uh-huh – she ‘splained it like this –



-- it should be somethin’ I make, that shows how much you’re special. I KNEW I could do that, easy! “Cause you’re MY mommy, an’ who’s more special than that? Plus, I’m glad you’re home today, all day.



Tryphena: You know, so am I – how about we make some lunch together? Let’s see if Momma remembers how to cook some hot dogs –

Corbin: YAAAAAAY! I know how – I can help you!

Tryphena: Of course you can, little man – you always manage to help me *smile* --






Tryphena needed a reminder of what all her work is really for. J


Here’s another boy’s pitch, but not to his mother –


The Dating Game



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