The Dating Game

Posted May 21, 2009




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Picking up from When Easton Met Alma:


**rapidly clicking keys**



Easton: She’s usually here…



and, there she is! We’re right on target *chuckle*.



Easton: Good morning, Alma. Unless this seat’s taken, mind if I join you? I could use some good conversation with my coffee.

Alma: Oh – hello – Easton, wasn’t it?



Easton: And still is, to this very moment. You’re looking well – like this spring day *smile*.

Alma: Such flattery won’t go unrewarded – sure, have a seat. I’m just finishing this section.

Easton: A reward can’t get any better – thanks.



Easton: Say, can I get you another coffee, or a scone?

Alma: Um, no – one’s my limit, both for the caffeine and the cost. But that’s kind of you, thanks –



Easton: I’ve just learned two things about you, Alma. One, you’re health-conscious, and two, you’re thrifty. But I wouldn’t mind helping someone as outstanding as you with the second thing. A pretty lady deserves a treat now and then –



Alma: Those are very interesting observations, Easton. The “two things” are indeed accurate, which I don’t dispute. However, the “pretty lady” phrase is a little over the top. That tends to make me suspicious of what may come next –



Easton: No need for suspicion – I mean what I say. You are pretty, and I’m interested in getting to know you. I recall that you’re a student, which makes sense for the “thrifty” part. And you may also remember that I made an offer of sharing a meal with you, to further our acquaintance. It sounds like these things would be of mutual benefit, don’t you think?

Alma: You do make a case –



Easton: I’m glad you think so – when, and where would you like to go?

Alma: I only said you make a case, but I didn’t agree. There’s bound to be strings attached, and I’m not the sort who cares to be obligated for forced favors –

Easton: And I don’t intend to force anything where you’re concerned. I just want it to be a pleasant time for both of us to get to know each other better –



Alma: How can I be sure? You could say anything with a straight face right now, if it gets you want you want. You seem to pride yourself on being a smooth-talker – and I can see it has worked for you before. Do you think it’s going to work for you now?

Easton: Alma, Alma, I’m sincere in my interest for you. All I ask is one simple date, in a very public restaurant, and you’ll see. No strings, and you will get a very nice meal in return. This is all, I promise you. You pick the time, and the restaurant –

Alma: My choice, hmmm…



Alma: Oh, why not? You win, Easton; I shall take you up on your offer. Surprised?

Easton: Honestly, not really – other than I don’t have to keep thinking of what else I could say to persuade you, which is a relief. You do drive a hard bargain, Ms. Kielbaugh.



Alma: HAHAHA! Oh, sorry, Easton, that slipped out!

Easton: Not at all, I’m glad to hear you laugh. I’d be a pretty poor sport if I couldn’t handle a little joke at my expense. But I am serious about your choice of restaurant – which is also at my expense, so not to worry that way.



Alma: You ARE a good sport! But I’m neither a cheap or expensive date, so I suggest lunch, at Bertolini’s, day after tomorrow. I’ll be waiting here, at 11 a.m. How  does that sound?

Easton: It sounds as practical and logical as you are – and I learned that you like Italian cuisine, one more “thing” for today *wink*.



Easton: Well, I’ve got to get going, but I’m looking forward to learning more about you in a couple days –

Alma: Sure, save something for the Big Date, haha! Nice talking with you, and see you soon –

Easton: I’m countin’ the hours. Arrivederci, to get you in the mood!



Easton: *to self* That went well, didn’t it? Damn, though… what is it about her… that looks so familiar? Eh, maybe it’ll come to me…**saunters away**



Alma: Huh, a date… who’d a thunk?...



... **looks over at cup** Oh, gees, he did it again!  Well, he IS consistent.



Sometimes a woman’s curiosity gets the better of her.


Happily, Alma may not have to go it alone, as we shall see…


Return Of The Semi-Native



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