When Easton Met Alma

Posted November 12, 2008




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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Easton; to refresh your memories, he is Fenchurch’s less-than-beloved older half-brother (they share a father), and Shulamith’s part-time squeeze. Alma is the New Girl in Town…



**checks text message**  Suit URslf – SHU.”

Easton: *to self*  Eh – guess I’m in no hurry to get back…



Easton: *thinks* Huh – who’s the Long Tall Sally sitting over there? Let us check her out, shall we… *smile*



Easton: Good morning, sunshine! Though I wouldn’t mind knowing your real name, so I don’t have to resort to clichés when I see you again. Easton’s my name.

Alma: Oh – and are we going to see each other again – Easton?

Easton: I know I wouldn’t mind *smile*.

Alma: Hm. *Thinks to self: It’s a pretty public place. I can always use a headlock, if necessary.*  All right then. I’m Alma. Have a seat, if you like.

Easton: I like. Thanks – Alma.



Alma: So – how well does this pitch usually work for you?

Easton: I’d say on average, 98% of the time. It worked today, which is what matters for now.

Alma: An impressive figure – for which you count me as another statistic *sip*.



Easton: Alma, I’d never think of you as just another statistic. I have this feeling you’re one in a million – which is why I’d like to get to know you better. Coffee’s a start, but a nice meal really tells you more.



Alma: *thinks* How much more do I need to know? *aloud* My time’s pretty taken up right now –



Easton: Whatever it is you spend your time at, you still need to eat, keep up your strength –

Alma: Of course – but I’m perfectly capable of addressing my nutritional needs; I don’t need any help in that regard.

Easton: Ah, but there’s more to it than that. What’s the old expression, “Man does not live by bread alone”? Companionship, a break from the grind, new perspectives –



Alma: Haha! Notice that expression is Biblical in origin, and in those days, they indeed meant “men”; as for women, they didn’t care about their intellectual needs at all!  Very patriarchal.

Easton: Is that so –



Easton: Old patriarchs aside, I care about what you’re thinking, and I’d like to know more about you – like, what you do for work and fun –

Alma: I could ask the same of you; in fact, I’m more entitled to know just WHO wants to know about me, since I was minding my own business here when you came up and started the conversation –

Easton: Fair enough – my full name’s Easton Brickell, and I’m an entrepreneur, looking to match goods with customers, wherever the needs are. I’m local, and planning on being around here for a while; it’s a promising area.



Alma: All right, then – I’m Alma Kielbaugh, I’m a grad student, working on my master’s degree in sociology. If I’m not researching online, I’m in the library with my nose in a book. I wouldn’t say I’m antisocial, but my personal life isn’t exactly the stuff of popular drama on TV, and for now, I’d like to keep it that way.



Easton: So, you’re the studious type; nothing says we can’t at least be friends. It takes all kinds –

Alma: Tell you what – since I’m here most weekday mornings, you can look me up. Let’s keep it at the coffee stage for now; no need to hurry.



Easton: Nope, no hurrying. I knew there was a good reason for not giving up my coffee habit *smile*.



Easton: Well, I’d better get some business done today, and I’ll let you get back to your studies. Nice to meet you, Alma – same time, same place later this week? –

Alma: Haha, why not? I’m a creature of habit. Nice meeting you – Easton Brickell! *waves*



Easton: *to self* Heh, she’s something!… But -- what is it about her that seems – familiar? Wish I could figure it out… *shakes head*



Alma: *snort* Typical male! Can’t pick up after himself



No surprises, there – yet!


Zimta received a nice surprise, in the form of a thank-you e-mail from dear Friend Shakkyo, to which she responded –


Zimta took a laptop out into the backyard



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