Return Of The Semi-Native

Posted May 26, 2009




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Alma: **typing** “…The subject projects a robust ego so far. What underlies his seeming bravado? This question we shall attempt to answer by careful observation,…



 “…avoiding presumptuous conclusions…”

Female Voice: You still study too hard, you know.



Alma: Estella! Wow, it’s been a while – what brings you back here? This is quite a surprise --

Estella: No kidding – as much for me as you *short laugh*. So, which degree are you on now?



Alma: Haha! Just my second one, a Master’s in Sociology, to follow the Bachelor’s. Where’ve you been keeping yourself? Have a seat, and tell me, if you have a little time –

Estella: Just your second one, huh – I’d swear you should have five or six by now, brainy girl. Sure, I’d like to shoot the breeze with you – I’d really like that.



Alma: This is so funny, that you should find me here, of all days –

Estella: Not really – you always liked to sit outdoors; I remember that about you. Besides, I need to thaw out, after where I’ve been lately. What’s so special about today, though?



Alma: You won’t believe it, but – I have a date, of all things! Bet you didn’t think that was possible!



Estella: Don’t put yourself down like that, Alma. You had different priorities than me, is all. Maybe now’s your time to broaden your outlook. Nothing wrong with that.

Alma: Oh, I’m being realistic, is all. I’m turning the experience towards my degree – manipulative of me, but I think my subject really won’t mind, when all’s said and done. Now tell me about you – beyond hinting about the climate where you were –

Estella: Yeah, that… I was up in the Pacific Northwest… I would be there for the coldest spring in years. Though I did manage to warm up one spot, before I high-tailed it out of there –



Alma: Uh-huh – go on –

Estella: Well, I was with a modeling agency, and got sent out on jobs. The last one was for an artist, who needed a nude sketch model –

Alma: Oh – did something happen?



Estella: Let’s just say I wondered if he REALLY was an artist. I mean, when I took a look at the sketch pad, there was hardly anything on there. So I took that as a challenge – I mean, just what did he want, or need, hm?



Alma: I take it you found that out! You were always good at cutting to the chase *chuckle* -- though they never really knew what hit them, did they?

Estella: Yeah – it’s not rocket science, figuring out guys – no degree needed for that. It’s probably why I quit school. Not the best reason, I know – *shrug* – but that’s just me.

Alma: Well – we all have our own timetables. Just because I’ve ignored my personal life for studies so far, doesn’t mean that works for everyone. Maybe you’re more ready for school, now that you’ve had this break –

Estella: Hm, maybe so, maybe so…



Alma: Ah, Estella, here he is – my date, Easton Brickell. Easton, this is my old school chum, Estella Burnbridge. She just happened to find me here, and we’ve been catching up on things.

Easton: Always pleased to make a new acquaintance, Estella. Any friend of Alma’s is welcome to be a friend of mine. Are you from around here, or new to the area?

Estella: Nice to meet you, Easton… you could say yes and no. I was away for a couple years, now I’m back, renewing a friendship or two. Though some new ones couldn’t hurt, either –

Easton: I couldn’t agree more *smile*.



Easton: Well, Alma, ready to mosey on over to Bertolini’s? –

Alma: Yes, we should get going – sorry to run off like this, Estella. Say, would you like to join us? Easton, would you mind?

Estella: Oh, no, no, don’t worry about me. This is your date, go enjoy it. I’m fine.



Easton: Hey, Estella, thanks for letting me have Alma all to myself. Nice meeting you; maybe we’ll see each other again, soon –

Estella: May be… meantime, give Alma your undivided attention, will you? A girl hates to be ignored, y’know. Just a little free advice –

Easton: Hey, excellent advice, and no worries – it’s ALL about Alma, today!

Alma: Haha, that’s SO reassuring! It’s good to see you again, Estella – give me a call, please; I’d like to talk more sometime – bye-bye! *waves*



Estella: As if I’D give him the time of day… he’s SO predictable. Where’s the fun in that?...



Been there, done that, eh, Estella?


Meantime, another traveler’s journey becomes our focus –


Imriel Reaches His Destination



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