Imriel Reaches His Destination

Posted May 28, 2009




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Imriel: I did not know Ms. Beamlette’s properties contained such a wilderness… though I am sure it is most beneficial for my little turtledove Hibou… wherever she may be in here –



**sound of an owl hoot**

Imriel: *startled* Ah! My love’s voice –



Hibou: *hoooo*-tis-Hibou-Dove-mine-so-white-*hoo-hoo*-down-come-Hibou-to you-*hooo-HOO* --

**rush of wings**



Imriel: It has been so long, since you were in my arms – before you fly away again, I must kiss you –

Hibou: *hoo*-Hibou-fly-not-from-Dove- *hoo*-kiss-we-wants- *hooo-hoo*! **peck**



Hibou: *hoo-hoo* -show-Dove-must-Hibou-surprise-to-you- *hoo-hoo—hoo-HOO* –

Imriel: A surprise, my dear one – ?



**suddenly drops from above**

Garlyth: *HOO* -momma-me-fly-*hoo*!

Imriel: What – who – who is this tiny one?

Hibou: *hoo* -Garlyth-named-have-I- *hoo* –



Hibou: *hoo* -son-is-he-yours-and-me- *hoo-hoo*.

Imriel: But – why did you not say anything before this? I – I really do not know what to say –

Hibou: *hoo* -surprise-wanted-I-for-Dove- *hoo* -also-sure-that-strong-to-live- *hoo-hoo*.

Garlyth: *HOO*! me-strong-fly-far-*hoooo* 

**waves arms**



Imriel: *chuckle* Yes, I imagine you can, my little fledgling. Your mother is rightly proud, and as your father, so am I.

Garlyth: *hoo*-momma-say-you-dove-where-you-WINGS? *hoo*

Imriel: In my heart, little one, in my heart… *smile*.



Zimta’s voice: **in distance** Birdy-birdy-Ni-KU, where are yoooooou? –

Imriel: Oh – look, a pretty white bird, Garlyth –

Hibou: **tense** *HOOO* -morsel-mine-will-get- *HOO*!

Garlyth: *hoo*! -momma-get-nummy- *hoo-hoo*!

**Hibou sprints off in pursuit of Niku**




Hibou: *hoo* -now-Hibou-morsel-get-mmmmm- *hoo-hoo*

Niku: ni-KU!-ni-KU!- ni-KUUUU!



Zimta: No, no, NO, friend Hibou – have I not told you time and again, eat NOT my birdy Niku so dear? No, no, NO!

Niku: ni-ku-ni-kuuuu…

Hibou: *hoo* friend-Zimta-why-let-morsel-roam? -friend-Zimta-tease-Hibou-feed-must-Garlyth-knows-friend-Zimta- *hoo-hoo* –



Kif: Waste not your breath and words with her, sister – sees she only FOOD, with those yellow eyes so hungry. A stomach with wings, is she – and never will she understand what is and is not victuals –

Zimta: Oh Kif, need you so harshly speak of my friend dear? –

Hibou: *hiiiisssssss* why-Kif-speak-mean-always-of-Hibou- *hoo-HOO*!



Imriel: Here now, who are you, knave, to speak ill of my beloved, mother of my little son? I am Imriel of the High Elves, and demand to know what you mean by this.

Garlyth: *hoo*! -momma-peck-YOU-eyes!-daddy-too- *hoo-HOO*



Imriel: Well, speak, sir! Your tongue has not suddenly gone missing, has it – my beloved, though swift, has surely not managed to steal it yet?

Zimta: Oh Lord Imriel, brother mine dear Kif meant no harm –

Kif: Nay, my tongue is mine still –



Kif: And exercise it I will, for you. Weary am I of you arrogant High Elves; never cease you to remind the world of superiority yours! About you it is always! Never do you seek to understand those of us who hath not your gifts or bounty!



Imriel: Master Kif, my quarrel is not with your status, or lack thereof. My concern is for the well-being of my dear Hibou, and your words contained the seeds of a threat, which I would not have grow and thrive. Surely you would feel the same if someone you cared deeply for was on the receiving end, and you would endeavor to root it out–

Kif: Pretend I should to be in boots yours, then –



Kif: Nay, ‘tis always about you, is it not? Never would you step into MY boots, IF I had any! *glare*



Zimta: Noble Lord Imriel, forgive brother mine who speaks with hasty youth. No harm he meant to friend Hibou, that I swear! For my sake he knoweth she my best friend in all this world is –

Kif: Zimmy, no – for sake mine I will not have you grovel so before arrogance his –

Imriel: Your sisterly loyalty is understandable, Zimta, and I also appreciate your devotion to my Hibou, but your brother must stand behind his words, if he so dares to voice them to me –



Hibou: *hooo* -Dove-mine-for-sake-friend-Zimta’s-forgive-brother-hers-ask-this-Hibou-do- *hoo-hoo*!

Kif: Wha? –

Zimta: Friend so dear, kind that is of you –

Imriel: If that is what you desire, dearest, though he does owe you an apology at the least –



Hibou: *hoo* -friend-Zimta-always-be-Hibou-friend-always-no-matter-what- *hoo* -owe-this-does-Hibou-to-friend-so-kind-Zimta-does-Hibou- *hoo-hoo-hoo* –



Imriel: Well, Master Kif, my Hibou forgives you, which is most magnanimous of her. For her sake, I shall do likewise – and offer you my hand in friendship –

Kif: I – um, er –

Zimta: *whispers* Kiiiiiffff…

Garlyth: *hoo* -birdy-birdy-birdy-birdy- *hoo-hoooo* –

Niku: ni-ku!



Kif: I – accept shall I your hand, Lord Imriel –

Imriel: And I yours – with a promise to discuss further your vexations and grievances. We Elves of all persuasions need to be more united than divided in these times.

Kif: That – most decent would be of you, Lord Imriel. Accept this will I –

Zimta: *whispers again* Thankee, Kif!

Garlyth: *hooo* -sleepy-sleepy- *zzzzzzzzzzzz



Zephyrus: Ahhh… that was most touching, was it not, Mistress Junco?

Junco: Most touching, indeed, Master Zephyrus –



Zephyrus: But I sense you are not entirely convinced of their sincerity?

Junco: Did I sound that much the skeptic? ‘Tis a little quirk of mine. Though I do believe some are more sincere than others, and that they cannot help if their old feelings will in future rise suddenly to the fore.



Zephyrus: Still, I would like to believe some good will come of it –

Junco: So would I, Master Zephyrus, so would I…



I know, Junco seems a nosy Parker – but that’s part of her work, to know about things!


Waramon expresses gratitude for a gift he received at GoGaDoll – watch out!


Fallout from a GoGaDoll present



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